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Friday, July 6, 2007

Who's Yer Friend?

Blogathon 2007

for MaxFund no-kill animal shelter

We'll get some fancy badges and stuff up later, okay? Woo woo woo !

Tucker: We got lots of new friend requests last night!
mr_ed (Human Assistant): Yes we did!
Tucker: Most of them were women with large teats.
mr_ed: Uhh ... we shouldn't say that.
Tucker: Woo? If they're large we can't say they're small.
mr_ed: I mean, we shouldn't use that other word about women. Call them "breasts." Or "boobs" - I've always thought "boobs" was rude, but a couple of women told me they prefer it to "breasts." They thought that sounded too clinical.
Tucker: Well I'm a dog. I'm going to call them
mr_ed: No.
Tucker: Woo not?
mr_ed: Because I said so!
Tucker: ::snort:: And Sibes do things just because people say so?
mr_ed: I guess not. Say what you want, I'll just type something else.
Tucker: Are they large because the women have a nursing litter?
mr_ed: I kinda doubt it, but you never know.
Tucker: Until you ask.
mr_ed: Even then. This is cyberspace, and some people lie.
Tucker: A dog would never lie.
mr_ed: Yeah, right. You read on SIBERNET how some dogs limp just to get sympathy treats.
Tucker: They limp 'cause their leg hurts!
mr_ed: Then why do they forget which leg hurts when they limp?
Tucker: Rats. I was gonna try that.
mr_ed: I'm onto you, buddy.
Tucker: One woman didn't have large [breasts]. And her belly was bare. Did the doctor shave her hair off to take care of bites?
mr_ed: Like they did for you? No, I doubt it.
Tucker: Maybe she got spayed.
mr_ed: Didn't see a scar, did you?
Tucker: Woooo.... Can a picture lie?
mr_ed: Well, yes they can. Plus, did you read her blurb?
Tucker: "I heard MySpace was a great way to meet people, well guys spcifically, so here goes..." That part?
mr_ed: Yup. And "Choa for now... :)"
Tucker: Chow? Like in Chow Chow?
mr_ed: Nope. Spelling mistake - supposed to be "ciao."
Tucker: Chow! Like in Chow Chow! Woo woo!
mr_ed: Never mind. Did you count how many of those friendly women had the same blurb with the same mistake?
Tucker: Dogs can't count very high. I lost track. But they all had different names and different pictures!
mr_ed: Lies, lies, lies.
Tucker: Grrr. Was one of them named Sybil?
mr_ed: Nope.
Tucker: I thought I liked people.
mr_ed: They're better in person, sometimes.
Tucker: Gimme a treat.
mr_ed: I said sometimes.
Tucker: Maybe you'll feel better after I take a nap.
mr_ed: Sweet dreams, my handsome husky boy!

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Turbo the Sibe said...

Humans are stupid. I have a Myspace account because I wanted to read about my Human's friend's trip to Costa Rico. I get those stupid e-mails, too!