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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Take my dog. Please!

pledge to MaxFund no-kill animal shelter

Tucker:  Make a pledge to MaxFund!
mr_ed:  I'm glad you're getting into Blogathon! It's coming soon - three more days!
Tucker:  Biggest pledge gets a life-size Greyhound and Black Labrador Retriever dog!
mr_ed:  Wait a minute...!
Tucker:  No assembly required!
mr_ed:  Tucker!!!
Tucker:  No batteries to run down or recharge!
mr_ed:  Shut.  Up.
Tucker:  I thought you liked Sibe talk.
mr_ed:  We cannot give away Jaeger.
Tucker:  We can sell him?
mr_ed:  No.
Tucker:  I thought Blogathon was supposed to be fun. Get money. Give away animals.
mr_ed:  It will be fun. We'll have some trivia contests, probably, and give away stuffed toy animals. And all pledges of $10 and up get a toy - the bigger the pledge, the bigger the toy.
Tucker:  I heard you talk about getting rid of him.
mr_ed:  Someone wants to meet him and maybe adopt him.
Tucker:  Then we can give him away?
mr_ed:  MaxFund has to approve them. And Jaeger has to get along with their dog. And you know how that goes.
Tucker:  Woo is me! I'll tell him to be on his best behavior. And then we can give him away?
mr_ed:  If it works out, MaxFund hands him over. Mystique will miss her big playmate Uncle Jaeger lots and lots.
Tucker:  ::snort::  Puppy. Good thing she can go back to her home soon.
mr_ed:  Yes, it'll be good for everybody. But I'll miss her.
Tucker:  The dog pad in the computer room won't.
mr_ed:  See? Jaeger never does that kind of stuff. He's a great dog!
Tucker:  Grrr.
mr_ed:  Of course, he's not the only great dog here.
Tucker:  GRRR!
mr_ed:  Maybe not even the greatest dog here.
Tucker:  Yeah, maybe not.  ::hard scowl::
mr_ed:  You ever hear of Henny Youngman?
Tucker:  Who?
mr_ed:  He was a comedian famous for short, quick jokes. Like, "My wife's cooking is fit for a king. (Gesturing as if feeding an invisible dog) Here King, here King!"
Tucker:  Oh, that Henny Youngman.
mr_ed:  Well, he had a very famous punch line. He'd say something, like, oh, "Women these days. They always want to go shopping. Take my wife - please!"
Tucker:  Funny guy. You're gonna get mail about that one.
mr_ed:  Say goodnight, Gracie.
Tucker:  My name's not Gracie.
mr_ed:  Say goodnight, Dickie.
Tucker:  My name's not Dickie.
mr_ed:  Woof!

-- photo of Jaeger by Nicole Howard

Tucker:  ::sulk::  That was my line.

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Holly said...

I sure hope he finds a good home! Just like you Tucker!! I am very anxious for blogathon to start too!!