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Friday, July 13, 2007

An awful coincidence

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Tucker:   Our friend Meeshka the Fluff Puff has been blogging for a long time. So we don't mind too much that she's top dog in Blogathon pledges. And HTHNBR will need that money to help a Siberian Husky puppy with a broken leg! Human Assistant tells me that it's expensive to fix bones. He says he knows from first-leg experience. Har har.

He went to MaxFund without me today. That's our Blogathon charity. He even took Jaeger-begger and left the rest of us at home! (Sometime I will tell you about Jaegermeister blahblah Greyhound Lab.) When H.A. came back he said MaxFund got a little 4- or 5-month-old Sibe puppy. Francesca has only three legs. And one of those is broken!

MaxFund dokkers do not usually fix bones. I don't mean that they try to fix them and make booboos. I mean they let dokkers who work on bones a lot, work on bones. So Francesca is not at the shelter right now. When the expensive dokkers are done, MaxFund will pay them and bring her back to the shelter.

And when she's well enough people will all want to adopt her because she's all cute and sweet and sorrowful-looking. ::cough:: Nobody thought I was all cute and sweet when I had stitches from dog bites like Adam. (Sometime I will tell you about Adam bo-baddam fee fi fo-faddam). And I had new monia.

H.A. said it's because dogs don't look all cute and sweet when their noses are running like a team of 16 racing Sibes. Like a broken pipe in the basement. Like a ... well then I just went Woo woo woo I can't hear you.

puppy jumps on calm Jaeger puppy jumps and Jaeger turns his head
     Puppies are evil. They jump on you and bite your muzzle and chew your ear and grab your tail. Here are Jaeger and puppy Mystique so you can see what I mean. (Sometime I will tell you about Mystique Mistake.)

     Puppies just don't stop. I don't know how he puts up with her.

You might think it's because he's a relaxed Lab that's good with everydoggie. Sometime I will show you scars from where that mean pup of a mama dog tore into the soft part of my belly and inside my legs. Pictures are better because I don't like to be sniffed there. And he does that all the time. He bugs me almost as much as the puppy.

Anyway, imagine a puppy with only three legs jumping and falling on you and whining and crying because she fell down and you won't play with her. Woooee! Guess who would get in trouble? Not the poor, cute, sweet puppy!

Anyway, I thought you would want to know about two Siberian Husky puppies with broken legs. I wonder whether they annoyed the wrong dogs? Gremlin just gives her one bark and she's gone. (Sometime I will tell you about old granny Gremlin.) I snarl at the puppy, I growl, I bark. Then she barks at me!!!

Puppies. Phooey.


Holly said...

Hey Tucker! Sorry it took me so long to stop over! I'm glad you moved to the blogger account insstead of myspace. Too many scary people want to be my friends there, and they aren't even dogs!

I sponsored you for blogathon! I will be very busy reading you, and Meeshka and Steve and Kat too. Going to be a lot of fun though! I can't wait for it to start.

My human is a Sibernetter too!! She is also on Malamute-L because of me. It's a great way to meet some great people and their doggies! It was Meeshka, Indy and Turbo who finally made me decide to get my own blog, and I just love it! I have such a great family, and my Sibe brother Samuel is such a freak, its so fun to share our adventures!

I will add you to my friends link!

Good luck with your blogathon!


Mommy the Maid said...

I absolutly LOVE this charity. I have offered to volunteer many times for them. Good luck (and congrats already) for the money you have raised!