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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Howliday

Awooo! It's Tucker! I hope all Siberian Huskies are getting lots of hamburgers and hot dogs today. Be careful not to burn woo's nose when woo take them off the grill! Human Assistants grilling salmon? Awooooo! Shrimp on the barbie? Try to grab a plate of them because they're kinda shrimpy.

Do not let woo's H.A. get away with saying woo live somplace that doesn't have a Fourth of July! Everyplace has a Fourth of July! And everyhusky is American!

Do not let them tell woo we are Siberian!!! We are an American breed! Siberians don't even have a word for us! Right, H.A.? [Well, they have two - Сибирский хаски - but Siberian Huskies' ancestors weren't from Siberia - but that's another blog. - mr_ed]

And don't let them feed woo grilled tofu. ::hack hack cough:: It's not even an animal!

Now what else do we need for a great day? Bones! Juicy is best. Big is okay, though. Look at this! Wouldn't want to take a stuffed toy from him!

Stay safe! Don't run in the street!

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