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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Smart (aleck) dog breeds

Blogathon 2007

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Tucker: We gotta practice quick blogs.
mr_ed (Human Assistant): Right. For Blogathon 2007 we'll have to post something every half-hour.
Tucker: And we can't cheat.
mr_ed: Nope. Can't write 'em all up ahead of time and use some robot or something to post them for us.
Tucker: Or some dumb dog.
mr_ed: Wouldn't it take a smart dog to do that?
Tucker: Dumb. Smart ones can't be talked into it!
mr_ed: Like Siberian Huskies?
Tucker: Hey! You're smart!
mr_ed: Right. I suppose you saw the write-ups on itchmo.com about the smartest dog breeds and least-smart dog breeds?
Tucker: Yup.
mr_ed: Did you see that the lists were "borrowed" from Stanley Coren's book, The Intelligence of Dogs?
Tucker: Yup.
mr_ed: People really need to read the book to see everything that Coren says goes into the whole package of dog intelligence. I mean, he is a professor of psychology, so he has a lot to say.
Tucker: Yup.
mr_ed: But these two articles came from a list he made after surveying obedience trainers and judges. Natural, I s'pose, since he does obedience competition with his own dogs.
Tucker: Yup.
mr_ed: Do Sibes even recognize the word "obedience"?
Tucker: Yup.
mr_ed: You've sure been agreeing with me a lot. You must be pretty smart!

Tucker: I deserve treats, gimme treats, gimme treats! ::pant pant pant:: Treat time! Treat time!

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Turbo the Sibe said...

My Human likes that Coren book. But I haven't eaten it yet!