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Friday, August 21, 2009

Stupid human tricks

Saturday me and the Human Assistant went for a ride. Which is always fun.

And we left Alizé and that stupid puppy Mancha at home. Which is the way it should be.

While we were driving, the H.A. told me Alizé was at the shelter and we had to go get her. Wow!  I don't know how she got out of her crate and out of the house so fast ... she's good!  Maybe that stupid little escape puppy showed her a trick or two.

Tasha at Denver Dumb Friends League


That's not Alizé!  H.A. was trying to pull my legs!  Which I don't like. This was another of his stupid human tricks!

Sure, to a stupid human this Tasha might look like Alizé. But anydoggy could smell that she isn't Alizé!

But we brought her home anyway. Like I need another dog crowding me out of my own house!  ARRGH!!!
Tucker greets Tasha
You don't smell like Alizé!
Mancha meets Tasha
Alizé and Tasha, 1
Where's the tour start?
Alizé and Tasha, 2
What's that box thing?
Alizé and Tasha, 3
Surf counters, right, ....

Anyway. Tasha's about 8 or so. In the pictures it looks like she and Alizé are good buddies, but that was just Tasha's first day here. They were kinda checking each other out. Alizé doesn't do buddies.

So at least they're not ganging up on me or anything. That wouldn't be good.

I'll have the H.A. write more when there's more to tell.