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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rock band game!

There's a game that's been around a little while. But I haven't been around for a little while! So it's new to me.

An older post by the Zimstigator tells how to form a band, lay down an album, and get the cover art for it. Automagically!

You need to have a computer program that edits images. If you want to see what your first album release looks like with the titles on it! But the game's still fun otherwise.

You go here to get your band name. It stirs up the great big cookie jar of Wikipedia articles and pulls one out. The name of the article is the name of your band!

Then you head here for the name of your album. It throws a bunch of random quotations on your screen. You go to the last quote and take the last four words of it. That's the title!

Your art is here. Use the third picture. Then if you have an image editor, put your band name and the album title on the picture and show it to others!

The Army of Four got the idea from Moxie and Izzy. They got the idea from Butchy and Snickers. They got the meme (dweeb word meaning blog game) from Mimi.

She thrilled "Bud Weiser" when she got it from him and spread it all over. Here's the pedigree for you art historians:

BloggerBandAlbum TitleAlbum Cover
The Army of FourBayside ShakedownJustified in Silencing Mankind Bayside Shakedown's album, Justified in Silencing Mankind
Moxie and IzzyLonely Wonderer's TheoryHumor and Some Bewilderment Lonely Wonderer's Theory's album, Humor and Some Bewilderment
Butchy and SnickersImpersonatorUniverse Will Be Simpler Impersonator's album, Universe Will Be Simpler
MimiA Shi'ite AnthologyHave Very Few Virtues A Shi'ite Anthology's album, Have Very Few Virtues
"Bud Weiser"Peter PeacockI Feel Almost Beautiful Peter Peacock's album, I Feel Almost Beautiful

Wow! Some really neat packages!  ::scowl::  I hope nodoggy cheats!

Electoral District of Newtown-Erskine's Admire Somebody Too Much
EDNE's debut album!

Yyyeahhh ... here's mine.

Okay, ours.

Band name's at the top.

If you thought it might be four words too.

Which it might be.

What a name, huh?

I didn't like it.

But the Human Assistant found out that Erskineville, which is related, is called Erko for short.

Which is maybe not as bad.

Erko, arvo (afternoon), doco (documentary). I wonder if Australians invented the name for parvo? Or maybe it was the French.

Anyway. We didn't cheat! Here's our sources: band name, album title, cover art.

Fun, huh‽ I'm going to get the H.A. to do some more!    Tell me if you did one too!

-- my thanks to "Bud Weiser," Mimi, Butchy and Snickers, Moxie and Izzy, and The Army of Four for the material to show how fun this is! If you're one of them and you don't want your work linked to or shown smaller this way, it's the Human Assistant's fault! Leave a comment or send email and I'll bark and growl and make lots of annoying noises so that he can't concentrate on anything until he fixes it!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Dogs here and there

I'm really embarrassed! The Human Assistant hasn't let me post anything for days! And I haven't kept up with everydoggy's blogs. Fooey!  ​

Awhile back somedoggies gave me awards. I didn't say thank you. THANK YOU! But the awards require you to pass them on to others. And I haven't been able to do that. So I guess I'd better not keep them! But thanks!

MaxFund's photo of Sequoia
MaxFund's photo of Sequoia
MaxFund's photo of Blue
MaxFund's photo of Blue

I wanted to tell everydoggie that Sequoia was back at the shelter. Her family said that she was untrainable, couldn't be controlled, and didn't respond to her name!

Let's see ... Siberian Husky ... less than a year old ... and I bet they weren't holding food in their hands, huh?

But I don't need to go into all that. Sequoia was adopted again by other people. Hope that works out!

MaxFund dog Blue
Blue's just a little thin....
MaxFund dog Blue
What happened to his tail?

And Blue came to the shelter. H.A. doesn't remember his story. With that snow nose he doesn't look much like an ol' coon-hound Blue! But whatever. He may be adopted soon. There's an application waiting for reference checks.

Lucy has a dogster page now. H.A. will finish writing a new description for her and it will go on her MaxFund page soon. She's okay. I won't miss her or anything. But she does leave food in her bowl that I get to snarf.

Lucy shows her pink bandge
I got pink on my owie.
Lucy's pink bandage, collar, and leash
To go with my collar and leash!

She tore her dewclaw. So she went to the MaxFund clinic. They said to leave the bandage on for a day or two. She had been licking, licking, licking at the dewclaw. But they said that she would leave it alone now. Hah! She left the bandage on for about a day and then tore it off. But she does nearly always leave the owie alone now.

Holly, you aksed who the new dog is in the last blog. There's just Gremlin and Lucy and me.

my dog Gremlin
Sweetie-pie Gremlin's almost 14!
my dog Gremlin wooos
A woooing Honorary Sibe!

Gremlin came to live with H.A. when she was 8 weeks old. Her tail was already docked! The Colorado Springs animal shelter said she's a German Shepherd and Rottweiler.

Gremlin used to dig under the fence and get out. Then she wouldn't come when she was called. Or she'd come running to the H.A. and then zoom around him and keep running! So she's an Honorary Siberian Husky. And she woos.

I have to not bother Gremlin much. She's been here 10 times longer than I have! So H.A. says if there's trouble between us, I'm out of my happy home. (That's what he calls it, anyway.)

Thank you all for reading! I'll try to get back to you soon!

-- MaxFund photos of Sequoia and Blue by Nicole Howard.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good eats restaurant

I'd say that recycling photos from zootoo must be harder than it looks. Except that the Human Assistant makes it look hard! He sure is slow.

Here's a photo review of his favorite restaurant, Village Inn. He goes there a lot and he never takes me.

Oh, excuse me ... he never takes me anymore. Hey, there was a paper in the corner of the dash that I couldn't get. So the dash got some chewing - is that my fault?

In this "dramatic" sequence he orders a new steak salad.

That is, it's new because they made it when he got there. And it's new on the menu this month.

It looks good but he'd rather have more Oswald food and less carnivore food. I don't know what's wrong with him.

But I like it because if he doesn't eat all the carnivore food then I might get some!

Also he complains because Village Inn took his two favorite salads off the menu. Boo hoo. He's had enough of them to load a couple of semis.

One good thing about Village Inn is that they have a fundraising program that charities can do.

They give you a bunch of certificates that are good for one pie each. You sell 'em at a retail price you pick. Then the customer takes them to a Village Inn and trades one for an entire pie. And you pay Village Inn the wholesale price for them.

You can get almost $3 a pie for your charity, usually.

Humans say that these pies are excellent! But they don't give any to dogs. Which they would if they were good food. So they must be bad for you.

There's paper involved. You sign a contract. You get certificates from Village Inn. You get checks from customers.

Now what's a paper-lovin' Sibe gonna do when there's no steak and no pie in the house?

a Village Inn restaurant
Welcome to Village Inn!
steak salad and ice tea
Better get a doggy bag!
pie display case at Village Inn
Remember to take home a pie!
Gremlin likes steak leftovers
Beef - it's what's for treats!
Lucy likes steak leftovers
Thank you, that looks very tasty.
Tucker likes steak leftovers
Tucker looks at fundraising contract
Yeah, I chewed the fundraising contract.
Tucker laughs about fundraising contract
And I ate some checks!
Tucker looks at pie certificates
I promise I won't chew the pie certificates ...
Tucker laughs about pie certificates
... while you're LOOKING!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Adam visits zootoo

I know I mentioned Adam at least once before. I don't remember about other times. The Human Assistant didn't make blog tags for him until just now.

Anyway. Way back, somebody found Adam and took him to their house. Their two dogs beat up on him, so they took him to MaxFund which is both a shelter and a clinic for injured, homeless animals.

Adam smiling in adversity
MaxFund helps injured animals!


In other words, Adam was the ideal dog for MaxFund. And he got adopted fast!

That made him an unofficial Lucky Dog. And then the camera lady who takes dog pictures for MaxFund decided he was a Lucky Mutt!

And that's important because she makes calendars of Denver's Luckiest Mutts! She sells them and gives the money to MaxFund.

How cool is that!

So lots of people say, "My mutts are lucky! They belong on the calendar!" So there's a contest and they have to tell why their mutts are lucky. And then there's voting to pick who gets on the calendar.

The H.A. voted for some who got on the calendar and some who didn't. He thought all the seniors were lucky, like our friends Moe, Minky, and Benny.

He had to vote for Adam too. Adam had been kind of a project for him. He helped with Adam's blowing coat. And he took pictures of Adam.

Oh. H.A. says that was last summer. Right before he started this blog.  ::Hmmmph!::

Anyway. Adam got on the calendar. In fact, he made the cover of the calendar! (Not with H.A.'s crummy pictures of him, of course.)

Now the camera lady has the calendar on zootoo. So H.A. posted pictures there that he took of Adam when he was a lucky-​to-​be-​at-​MaxFund dog. Or mutt.

And now he's recycling those pictures here. Which is better than not blogging at all, I guess. Here ya go, starting with camera lady Nikki Howard's image of the calendar:

Adam as December dog
Here I am ... Mr. December!
One of Denver's Luckiest Mutts!
Adam looking at file cabinet
I didn't look so lucky when I came to MaxFund!
I'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I wonder what's in here?
Adam looking up
But I WAS lucky!  Their clinic fixed my owies ...
Things were looking up!
Adam lying with head on floor
I laid low for a while and - lucky me! - healed up.
Adam looking like an angel
Then someone found their perfect pet and adopted me ...
Lucky again!
Adam looking like a devil
My devilish good looks got me on the calendar's cover!
Adam on calendar cover
Cover Boy ... Adam!  Siberian!  HUSKY!!!


-- Lucky Mutt calendar images courtesy Nicole Howard


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stop the madness!

I'm guarding the hallway so the Human Assistant can't go to bed until he posts something for us.

I mean, for me!  I'ts my blog!

He's been hogging the desktop computer like crazy. And hasn't let me use one of the new laptops, either.

He hasn't even spent more than a few minutes with them himself! That's really weird. But he's been putting all his time into that zootoo thing I mentioned last time.

The people at the MaxFund shelter really want to get picked for a shelter makeover! So H.A. has been pounding away on the keyboard. Taking pictures. Pounding away some more.

Since New Year he's written 225 comments on news stories, posted 104 reviews of products and services, and uploaded 54 pictures of them.

Spend a little time on the blog?  Ha!

I don't know what all the pictures are. He took some when he wasn't home. Like of vet clinics and stuff. But most are supposed to show the animal enjoying the product. Or using it, at least.

Okay, well, some were us on our new beds. A few of them got posted here before. And I think he used twice as many pictures of Gremlin and Lucy as he did of me!

But he agreed to put some here. So here ya go. Ya wanna see more, check out his zootoo page.

Tucker asking politely for green tripe
Can I have some, please?
Tucker asking not so politely for green tripe
Let me rephrase that...!
Tucker asking politely for green tripe again
Hey!  I'm starvin', here!
Tucker getting a bite of turkey
Watch your fingers!

More soon, I hope!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Open the box, already

I'm sorry we haven't been writing this week. One of us has been hogging the computer. Maybe that will change!

The Human Assistant has been posting lots on zootoo. Comments on news stories about pets. Reviews of stuff for pets.

The coolest things are the photo reviews. That's where he posts a picture of one of us! And a blurb about a pet product or service. But he's extra slow with those. So no reading or writing blogs lately.

H.A. uses the name MrEd. He's posted so much that right now he's #7 out of 874 who support MaxFund on zootoo. And MaxFund is #15 out of 3881 shelters.

One of the top 20 will win a makeover. Boy does MaxFund need that!

Anyway. I feel bad about keeping everydoggy in suspenders about the boxes. I'm not sure if Holly's comment was for Khyra or if she was snarking at me. Which would be beneath her dignity I'm sure.  ​☺  ​So I won't say anything about it.

So here's what was in the boxes!

Tucker next to a box
So what's in the stupid box?
Tucker looks in the box
Tucker next to the box again
Yeah, well....
Tucker with closed laptop
Pretty skinny lunchbox!
Lucy looks in the box
There's another box in here!
Lucy with open laptop
I don't get it.
Lucy and Tucker and two open laptops
Well, there's two of them.
Tucker and two open laptops
One Laptop Per Canine!

These are two OLPC computers. Maybe you heard about them as the $100 laptops. H.A. says it's a very advanced computer. So advanced that computer geeks craved it!

But it's supposed to be the One Laptop Per Child computer for kids in developing countries. They didn't want to sell it to spoiled developed-​world weenies!

But they decided to, anyway.

I think pretty much all bloggin' dogs want their own computer! I know Khyra said so. She has a picture showing Sitka with a laptop.

We'll have to see how this works out. They're a little tricky to open. I haven't figured it out yet. But once it's open, I'll just step on everything until I find the power button.

That's the plan, Stan. I'll keep you posted!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Answers for ordinary tubers

... or ... Replies to Commentators....

Amber and Echo:  Our snow went away too. But we got a little more this afternoon. And I have boxes! I'll ask the Human Assistant to send it.

Anon E. Moose:  Oswald and our Harveys do have an interesting resemblance.  I'll leave it at that. Lucy has been very calm.

Holly and Minky:  Gremlin's lick-sore isn't really getting better. So she'll have to go see the dokker. H.A. thinks he'll probably yell at him for letting it go for so long.

Kelsey Ann and Khyra:  The Human Assistant only likes peppers and vinegar in his hot sauce. And salt, I guess. That's all that's in regular Tabasco. But he wants something hotter. But Tabasco's habanero sauce has sugar and mangos and stuff in it. So he's trying different things. What's in your mom's hot sauce, Khyra?

Kelsey Ann and Minky:  I don't think I'd like H.A. holding my mouth open while he counted out four drops! He used Rescue Remedy spray. When he reads this he'll probably try spraying us every five minutes! Good thing Lucy hasn't been doing frantic antics.

everydoggy:  Thanks for your compliments on the beds! (Amber, you're such a sweetie - you're embarrassing me !) Gremlin even decided to get on the big ones when nodoggy was looking. H.A. says he'll get a couple more Lucy-sized ones so I can have a big one without chasing her off.

Holly and Kelsey Ann:  Here's what was in the box (which you can see on the left in one of the pictures):

Tucker sniffs a box
Hey!  Smells like salmon!
Lucy sniffs a box, plus Tucker
Where's my crate treat?
Lucy chews a box
Tastes like ... chicken!
Lucy licks a box
Or maybe ... venison!

Yup, the Human Assistant was up to his old tricks again! This time he put jerkey treats in the smaller boxes. That came out of the bigger box. That he put a biscuit in.

Lickin' Lucy didn't know that we're not s'posed to chew up the boxes. But I was a real good boy! I wanted a treat, but I didn't chew on a box. I went in my crate! I get extra-special treats when I go in my crate and H.A. leaves the house.

Only he didn't leave the house. And he didn't give me a crate treat! That poopy-head! We had to wait until he took the treats out of the boxes. Then we all got some. Even the doggies who didn't get into crates. And slobbered on the boxes.


Blogging about treats made me hungry. I'm gonna bug some human until he gives me some! Bye fur now!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

H.A. 2, Harvey 0

We've had a busy few days. Compared to our usual. But some families are so busy that they have to move faster than light to fit everything in!

The Human Assistant bought Harvey traps. Caught two Harveys behind the piano. Lucy is much calmer now.

I don't think Harvey is an Oswald. Harvey looks smaller than Oswald's pictures. Also, the tail is different. But either way, I don't think they belong in the house.

H.A. found his plastic bank card. I won't go into the story of how his old one expired, and he didn't see any new one in the mail, and he wrote checks, and then he was out of checks and thought he couldn't find more, and he asked the bank to send a replacement card, and then he found the first card they sent but it was cancelled now, and he couldn't find the replacement card in the mail.

Yes, the story sounds like it's about him. But most things are about me. Like this story.

I offered a bunch of times to tear up mail to help him look for the card. He wouldn't let me. Well, I offered....

H.A. was happy he finally had a working plastic card again! He paid a bunch of way-overdue bills. One of them was our internet bill.

They had threatened to unplug us from the real internet and connect us to the All Spam All The Time network. And none of us here have a need for fake Rolexes!

So anyway. He paid the bill, I can keep blogging.

While he was poking around in the mail he also found a coupon. Free food!  ​Woooo!

He took Lucy to get the food. They were gone pretty long for just that. When they came home H.A. made three trips to carry in food and big doggy cushions!

Of course we ate first. Lucy acted like she didn't want to eat the new food. More for me! But H.A. wouldn't let me have hers.  ​::scowl::

Tucker on too-small pad
"So what? I'm comfy."
Lucy on big pad in small space
"Then I'll take the other side."

H.A. put the Lucy-sized pad to the left of the computer desk. I chased her off of it. Then he squeezed a too-big round pad to the right of the desk. The sides were bent up. I'd be Tucker the Taco in there!

Or maybe a hot dog. H.A. said I might even turn into a Frank! That would be bad. I'm a Tucker! Saturday he switched the pads and they fit much better.

He put another big pad in a hallway. No arguing over this one! I like it when he's at the computer and I want some privacy. Lucy likes it when he's nearby in the bathroom or the bedroom.

But a guy has to keep movin' around. Know what I mean? Linoleum still works for me.

Tucker on big pad
"Not bad. Why?"
Tucker asleep on kitchen floor
"Consistency is ... whatever."

Then H.A. lifted Gremlin up onto the fourth pad. She was acting like she didn't want up there. It is kinda tall. With her cataracts and weak legs and a cone, maybe she wasn't sure of her footing. When he left the room, she moved off it. Hasn't been back on it since.

Gremlin on big pad
"I don't really want here."
Gremlin on carpet
"That's better."

The H.A. told us the cushions were our end-of-year presents. And the food.  (Food is a present?)  And Lucy got a new leash. To try to sorta go with her collar.

Okay. But the next day there was a box on the porch. Everydoggy has been saying what great stuff was in their boxes!

This one didn't smell interesting. So I left it alone. Gremlin did too. Lucy did three. Then H.A. opened the box and stuck a treat inside. Just so he could take our pictures!

Humans are almost as sneaky as dogs!

Tucker sniffing in a box
"He stuck a treat in here!"
Lucy  sniffing in a box
"I can't get it either!"

The human wants to go to bed now. He needs his beauty sleep. I'm kinda tired too, so I'll blog about the box another time.