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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The real #200

This is the real post #200. That's because it's my blog! And my blog started with post #2!

Monday, Lucy was obsessing about Harvey in the piano again. The Human Assistant meant to get Harvey traps at the supermarket, but he forgot about 'em until Wednesday night.

He forgot to pick up his diabetes medicine, too. Why? He was focused on hot sauce. His favorite restaurant doesn't stock it anymore. So he wandered and wandered around the supermarket until he found it. And then he read all the labels on the other hot sauces too.

He brought five of those home but no treats for dogs!

Anyway. Lucy was going nuts about Harvey. Whining and panting and running from one side of the piano to the other. Gremlin got fed up with it and started woofing at her. Only Gremlin's cone head was about a human foot and a half from my head. So I was getting annoyed.

Mostly I just did a pre-growl whine. H.A. was sitting right there too. He was saying the three of us were driving him nuts. Like any of it was my fault! But he said he was getting a headache.

snow on patio furniture on Christmas
Snow on Christmas
snow on patio furniture on New Year's Day
Snow on New Year's Day
Tucker and Comfort Zone plugin
Me and 'Comfort Zone'
hot sauce and behavior chemicals
Behavior-modification chemicals

Actually, this happened a couple of nights in a row. So he plugged in a new thing. He hoped that Comfort Zone would help one of us four! But it didn't. "Too much air blowing through," he said. (And he would know about too much air blowing around. If you get what I mean!)

Can you see how calm and comfortable I look?  ​::snort::

He also dosed me and Lucy with Rescue Remedy. More nothing. But he took pictures so you could see what they look like. There's also a can of citronella spray on that counter. But he forgot to put it front where it could be seen.

Hey, did you notice where those last three links went? Not to their company's pages! Which is what we usually do. These went to zootoo.

If you work with a shelter you may know about this. If you work with a shelter and don't know about this, you should ask them. If you don't work with a shelter, ask me! Shelters are competing to get a makeover! (And MaxFund really really needs one!)

It takes a lot of work to be in the top 20 shelters for points! That's who gets a chance at the makeover.

There's 100 points just for signing up. BUT there's another 100 points if someone already in the competition referred you! And there's still another 100 points when you say that you're a volunteer!

Then you can also get points for reviewing products and services and for commenting on pet news. The 300 total sign-up points are a help to any shelter that's competing. But if you don't have one already, "MrEd" can send you an invitation.

If you accept, then MaxFund gets the 100 referral points. But I think you can still be part of any shelter. Anyway. If you throw in with MaxFund, they'll get another 100 points.

That's all for tonight. H.A. still needs to get us our bedtime treat-meds. Gotta go!

comic Tabasco label
♩♬♫  Love is a many-splendored thing....  ♫♩



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My mom says Khystal Hot Sauce is good too - of khourse, it has a Ch on the label - but we all know that just isn't spelled khorrekhtly!

Best of lukhk with him - me thinks you'll need it!

Wags and Wuv,


Holly said...

Ummmm, apparently your human has a hot sauce fetish.


The Daily Echo said...

Snow! I see snow! I wish we could have some snow. Our weather in PA is stupid. 50 million degrees below zero yesterday......almost 70 for Tuesday. I'm sooo confuuuused!

Kapp pack said...

Don't you love when they try to drug us to behave....good for you for not letting it work!

Woo woo, KA

Minky said...

I dunno about the effectiveness of those sprays and pheromones and such, but Lorraine May of the Misha May Foundation, who runs
Maxfund's Champs classes, had this to say about Rescue Remedy:

"One problem area is with the dose. The information is generally shared in this way: ‘The standard dose for Rescue Remedy is four drops. Put it directly on your tongue, put it in a beverage, put in your dog’s water.’ Simple, isn‘t it? Yes, but this is only partial information. Four drops of RR can, and should, be repeated every 10 minutes or until a change is seen. The vibrations of the plant essences need ample time and dosage to harmoniously influence the body’s energy, thus raising the vibration and reinstating calm."

Her complete article can be downloaded here: