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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Big Muddy

Yesterday was kinda interesting.

The Human Assistant has the same disease/problem/whatever as Alizé. He says they're too sweet.  ::GAG::  Sure. Whatever.

H.A. started a new medicine Wednesday night. Thursday morning he was not sweet enough. More so than usual. So he was stumbling around being too slow getting our breakfast.

While waiting for the "pink grapefruit slices in light syrup" to kick in.

But first he had to stick things in Alizé's pee. While watching a clock on the computer because it's the only one in the house that shows seconds as well as firsts.

While trying hard not to spill pee on the keyboard.

Though I don't know what that would hurt. He has to make sure that the pee doesn't have keytones in it anymore. If it did, and it got spilled into the keyboard, I guess it would make music while he typed.

But it doesn't. So what's the big deal?

So that was the morning's excitement.

Alizé rubs against doggy bed while lying down
Must. Dry. Fur.
Alizé rubs against doggy bed while standing up

In the afternoon the H.A. decided to give Alizé a bath in the bathtub.

She didn't scream or try to jump out. But she stood sideways as far from the sprayer as she could. H.A. had to bend all this way and that. And soap her twice and rinse her off twice. His muscles hurt today! Heh.

The tub wasn't draining very fast. So it looked like Alizé was standing in a shallow pool of the Misi-ziibi. Ol' Man River. The Big Greasy.

Alizé looks at the camera
Alizé's wet fur
white, white, white, black tips

Alizé got fairly clean on her top and sides. But her tummy and back end need more cleaning. But not today. H.A. wants to buy more tub laxative first.

He says the faster the water leaves the tub, the more dirt it takes with it. It's like rivers. Mountain streams run run run and take dirt away.

By the time they get to the ocean, they're big and tired and lazy. They can't carry the dirt anymore. So they just drop it. Like in the bottom of our tub now.

So that was the afternoon's excitement.

Alizé follows Zot
You're new!
Alizé tries to rush out the front door
Me me me go!

Then Zot came for a quick visit. She was actually pretty happy. Zot really hates living with other dogs. She's lots happier living with just her mom.

So of course Zot was happy yesterday! Her mom got home from work and took her for a drive and came to see us. What doggy wouldn't be happy with all that?

When her mom headed for the door, Zot figured she was going too. So did Alizé! For a blind little lady, she sure knows where the front door is! And how to push open the screen door! (H.A. says that one of these days he'll fix that.)

Zot's polite when she's not all stressed out. So she stood back to see what her mom would do. Eventually Zot and her mom were in their car and Alizé was in the house.

And that was the evening's excitement.

Nothing much is going on today. Oh well.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now who?

Sorry for no posts in a while! The Human Assistant has been busy. As I'll explain.

Here's a cozy domestic scene. According to the H.A. He took these Sunday night.

Sinjin sleeping in his 'den' under the computer desk
Sinjin in his den.
Alizé and Tucker sleeping in the kitchen
Me 'n' some other dog.
Like I said before, the Human Assistant must've started missing Sally Violet pretty fast. He only got rid of her Friday afternoon. Then just a day and a nap later, he brought home some other dog.

I could smell that she came from someplace with lots of dogs. But not the H.A.'s usual shelter. And she looked and smelled like she hadn't lived with humans in a while! Not that I minded that, of course. It made her more interesting. But even her pee smelled funny.

The H.A. thought that since I   didn't mind   the senior female Lucy Sally Violet, then I was bound to positively  ♥ like   a senior female Sibe!

I wish I could make that human sound where they stick out their tongue and make it flap against their lips! Try bringing me a female friend that doesn't walk into me when I'm sprawled out! If you're going to bring me a female friend.

Then the next day he took this dog to the usual shelter and brought her back wearing a MaxFund tag.

Then the next day he took her someplace else and came back without her. He smelled like the place where I go to get weighed and shots and stuff. He said they wanted to keep her overnight.

Hey, I'm not greedy! Keep her forever!

Then nothing happened the next day. Which was Tuesday. Okay, H.A. says he spent a lot of time on the phone trying to find this dog's humans. From a chip she has on her shoulder. That's a strange thing for him to say! She's actually a pretty relaxed dog.

The phone calls convinced H.A. that her name really was Alizé. Like the shelter told him. He just kinda had trouble believing someone would name a Sibe a French word for wind. Or some French booze. Or a French singer. Or one of her French songs.

Wouldn't it make more sense to name a dog after French fries? (French french fries are pommes frites. Isn't that the breed of our friend Minky? )

Anyway. Then H.A. brought Alizé back on Wednesday. She had these places on her front legs with no fur. She said they scraped it off one leg and stuck a needle in her.  ​Ouch!

Then they left the needle in her leg the rest of the day!  ​Owooowooowooo!

She said at least she wasn't starving for a drink while this hose was connected to her. But she got tired of it and pulled the hose off that night. She couldn't get the needle out. But she licked it and chewed it and goobered it up so they couldn't use it.

So then they scraped fur off her other leg. And stuck a needle in that one! And left it there all day !  ​I thought there were humans who stopped animal torture like that!

Well. She got tired of that hose too. Pulled it off that night. They didn't hook it up again. Thank dog!

But they were sticking her with other needles. And bothering her while she peed. Which was pretty often. They kept catching her pee in jars. Humans are so weird!

I guess Alizé can barely see. When she first got here she ran into steps that go up. And tripped down steps that go down. Now she does fine on the steps. And actually, she doesn't step on me anymore. But she still gets too close! So I have to bark at her.

The Human Assistant gives her shots twice a day. She acts like she can't even feel them! And he catches her pee. And sticks a skinny piece of paper in it. Weird!

And puts drops in her eyes. Now that she doesn't especially like.

And she won't eat kibble now. She did before she went away for a couple of days. But I guess they spoiled her. And her second meal isn't at the same time as ours.

So me and Sinjin will be getting some stinky canned food at night! I hope that's in addition to medi-treats!

And that's the story on this other dog. We'll see what happens. Or smell and hear what happens. You know what I mean.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red Wubba red Wubba web Wudda

No, I don't miss Lucy.  I mean, Sally Violet.  (That's her new name.)

She was okay. She hardly ever bothered me. But last week she barked at me! Just because I was eating her food! So I gave her a bite on her muzzle.

That's why the Human Assistant was mad at me. He doesn't like for the merchandise fosters to get damaged. Oh, and I gave Sinjin a second bite on the muzzle. So much for his "handsome face"!

Anyway. Here's the second part of the pictures from last time. The more important part. Especially since What's-​her-​name isn't here anymore.

Tucker is handed red Wubba
Thank you.
Tucker looks at camera
Now, don't take my Wubba!
Tucker looks back over his shoulder
I mean it!
Tucker stands over the Wubba
My Wubba!
Tucker looks down at the Wubba
Tucker looks back up from Wubba
Tucker chews Wubba in garage
Doo be do be chooo....
Tucker looks up from chewing
You're not taking it, are you?
Tucker goes after tossed Wubba
Dang it!
Tucker returns with tossed Wubba
Why'd you throw it?
Tucker runs after thrown Wubba
Double dang it!
Tucker just looks at Wubba thrown a third time
Not again!  Forget it!  Game over!

Yeah, so I guess the Human Assistant misses Sally Violet already. Last night he was looking at other dogs on the computer.

Another dog?   Already ‽‽‽

He made notes about one dog in a notepad. So this morning while he was still asleep I took the notepad off the computer desk. In the back yard I pulled all the pages out. Then I came back in for a flyer he had for the Lucky Mutt Strut for the MaxFund shelter.

Shoot! That only had his notes for Vasha's blurb! So I only tore one corner off.

Then I came back in and dug around in a bag of stuff H.A. got at REI. There was some kind of doofussy pen from outer space or something. Still on its little card from the store. So I unwrapped that and gave it a good chew.

I happen to know that it's not the pen he wanted. But the store didn't have any of those. And they're not on the outer space website now, either.

So I'm sure he didn't mind. And I just dented the cap real good. Metal's sure harder to chew than plastic! He got the red one, by the way.

Anyway. I guess I didn't foil the H.A.'s plans. More about that another time.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Blue Wubba blue Wubba boo Blubba

I wanted to write "Woo Bubba"!  But the Human Assistant wouldn't say it that way.

One time he let us play with these really neat toys. I can't link you to the exact page. But go to products then NEW PRODUCTS. Check out the dog in the picture! Then go to KONG Wubba.

I loved chewing the red one! But H.A. said they weren't chew toys. He took them away!   

Then a few days ago he got them out again to take pictures. Just to show that I'm destructive. How rude!

Dogs look at Wubba toys
Gremlin's interested.
Lucy takes the blue Wubba
But Lucy takes it.

The other doggies gathered 'round. But H.A. shooed me away. Then very carefully and politely Lucy took the blue one. She had played with that one before.

So H.A. figured, what the hay. He didn't have pictures from the other time.

Lucy runs after thrown Wubba
Hey!  Come back here, Wubba!
Lucy brings Wubba back

He threw the blue one for Lucy a couple of times. And he let her chew on it a little. And he threw the red one for me. You know, neither one of us wanted to go chase the danged things!

Lucy turns away with Wubba
Nuh-uh.  Mine!
Lucy grabs Wubba thrown again
Hey!  Quit throwin' it!
Lucy chews Wubba under bushes
Must. Hide. In. Den.
Lucy brings Wubba out of bushes
You called?

That was a few days ago. Today he put the blue Wubba in a sack. And some other toys that only Lucy plays with. And some food and treats. And Lucy's medical records.

I was a good boy! I didn't take the papers out and chew them! Or the food! Or even the treats! I just took the Wubba out. Then the H.A. distracted me with food. And took the Wubba again.

Then he took the sack and Lucy and got in the car. I know he went to the shelter cuz he came back smelling like Vasha and Caesar.

But H.A. came in the house with ... no Lucy!  He got rid of Lucy!


Lucy lying in back seat
Goin' to my new home!
Lucy peeking around front seat

Oh.  Lucy got adopted!  Finally!

Maybe you remember that H.A. first met her seven months ago!  Then I met Lucy in the yard at the shelter.  Then she came for a weekend visit!

Since then she's been in posts on my blog about 50 times! You can see them all if you click on the label Lucy underneath this post. Or just her photos if you click on photo: Lucy.

If you feel like it.

More on Wubbas later!

(Why did H.A. give her that blue one? She's just gonna chew it up!)


Monday, June 16, 2008

Discs vs. balls

The Human Assistant hasn't wanted to help me write my blog lately. He's kinda mad at me. Plus there's been other stuff....

Anyway. This time we'll have a guest presentation. Not by a Siberian Husky. And not for Sibes, either! This is by a dog that chases things that humans throw. For dogs that chase things that humans throw. Which is not Sibes.

Okay, except for Dave.    It's for you too, buddy!

"Tennis" Balls vs. Plastic Aerodynamical Discs
Vasha trots with plastic disc
Got it.
Vasha hangs onto disc
No, it's mine.
Vasha drops disc
Vasha scoops up thrown disc
Okay, got it again.
Vasha won't hand over disc
No more treats?
plastic disc breaks while Vasha's carrying it
Heh. This makes it look like Vasha broke the disc on purpose. She didn't. But isn't it great when other dogs get in trouble?

H.A. saw Vasha when he took hamburger to the shelter last week.

He wrote a blurb for her. And took pictures. Obviously. (But not the one on her MaxFund page.)

Part 2 of Vasha's presentation is at the dogster page the H.A. made for her. It's the first one he's done for a dog that's not living here.

And she won't be living here! But not just 'cause I say so. Four-foot fence? Huh! She'd be over that in a flash. Buh-byeee! So no risk of her coming here.

Anyway. H.A. thought somedoggies might like to see a young, athletic dog in action. Even if she's not a Sibe. Even if she's chasing things that a human threw.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

R.I.P. Gremlin

Gremlin wasn't doing too well lately. Bad kidneys, bad liver. Spine very bad. But she'd been going out to do her business. And eating. That kinda dropped off the past week, though.

The Human Assistant had said we'd be celebrating her birthday tomorrow/​today/​Wednesday. He doesn't really remember even what month he got her! But she was an 8-​week-​old puppy. Fourteen years ago.

Our dokker's records say she was born July 11. H.A. thinks that might have been Gremlin's first visit to her first vet. So she was either 0 weeks old then or 8 weeks old. H.A. split the difference and said she was 4 weeks old on July 11.

Which would make her birthday June 11!

Gremlin looks to her right in the yard Gremlin looks at the camera in the yard Gremlin looks to her left in the yard

Today (Tuesday) Gremlin woke up feeling really, really bad. She couldn't move and wouldn't eat. H.A. told us he was taking Gremlin to the dokker. But she wouldn't be coming back anymore.

He carried her out to the car. They went for a ride. It's too bad she was feeling so bad. She and Mutzger used to love going on rides with H.A. But Tuesday was her last ride with him. Until they meet up again.

When that happens she might be waiting for him in the Siberian Husky area. H.A. says Gremlin was an honorary Sibe because she could wooo really well!

Gremlin on a pad in front of the piano, smiling Gremlin on the pad, peering intently
Gremlin on the pad, making an odd face Gremlin straightens up on the pad
Gremlin on the pad, looking to her left Gremlin makes another odd face
Gremlin looks to her left again Gremlin looks at the camera from her pad
Gremlin lifts her head and pins back her ears and woos 'You want me to do it again?'
Gremlin woos a little to her left Gremlin slaps down her paws and woos again

Besides woooing, Gremlin was an escape artist! And she liked to chew the covers on hardback books. (But only old ones.) So that's why the H.A. called her an honorary Siberian Husky.

I hope Gremlin finds Mutzger now! Mutzger was a month or two older than Gremlin. But H.A. got the two of them from the shelter at the same time. They were buddies. Even though Gremlin teased Mutzger and made her mad.

I'll bet Mutzger would like to see her buddy again. They escaped and ran off together a bunch of times when they were younger. But Mutzger was part Chow. She'd usually come back to H.A. Gremlin would just run on by him. Like a Sibe!

Run In Peace, Gremlin!