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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

R.I.P. Gremlin

Gremlin wasn't doing too well lately. Bad kidneys, bad liver. Spine very bad. But she'd been going out to do her business. And eating. That kinda dropped off the past week, though.

The Human Assistant had said we'd be celebrating her birthday tomorrow/​today/​Wednesday. He doesn't really remember even what month he got her! But she was an 8-​week-​old puppy. Fourteen years ago.

Our dokker's records say she was born July 11. H.A. thinks that might have been Gremlin's first visit to her first vet. So she was either 0 weeks old then or 8 weeks old. H.A. split the difference and said she was 4 weeks old on July 11.

Which would make her birthday June 11!

Gremlin looks to her right in the yard Gremlin looks at the camera in the yard Gremlin looks to her left in the yard

Today (Tuesday) Gremlin woke up feeling really, really bad. She couldn't move and wouldn't eat. H.A. told us he was taking Gremlin to the dokker. But she wouldn't be coming back anymore.

He carried her out to the car. They went for a ride. It's too bad she was feeling so bad. She and Mutzger used to love going on rides with H.A. But Tuesday was her last ride with him. Until they meet up again.

When that happens she might be waiting for him in the Siberian Husky area. H.A. says Gremlin was an honorary Sibe because she could wooo really well!

Gremlin on a pad in front of the piano, smiling Gremlin on the pad, peering intently
Gremlin on the pad, making an odd face Gremlin straightens up on the pad
Gremlin on the pad, looking to her left Gremlin makes another odd face
Gremlin looks to her left again Gremlin looks at the camera from her pad
Gremlin lifts her head and pins back her ears and woos 'You want me to do it again?'
Gremlin woos a little to her left Gremlin slaps down her paws and woos again

Besides woooing, Gremlin was an escape artist! And she liked to chew the covers on hardback books. (But only old ones.) So that's why the H.A. called her an honorary Siberian Husky.

I hope Gremlin finds Mutzger now! Mutzger was a month or two older than Gremlin. But H.A. got the two of them from the shelter at the same time. They were buddies. Even though Gremlin teased Mutzger and made her mad.

I'll bet Mutzger would like to see her buddy again. They escaped and ran off together a bunch of times when they were younger. But Mutzger was part Chow. She'd usually come back to H.A. Gremlin would just run on by him. Like a Sibe!

Run In Peace, Gremlin!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Sorry to see about Gremlin -

BUT she'll get to spend her barkday healthy and pain free -

I'm sure even Tukhker missses her -

You gave her the best present so she khan khontinue on and get ready to meet all of us someday -

Wear your honourary silver harness with pride Gremlin!

PeeEssWoo: Thanks for the good wishes for my mom's friend and husband - it means a lot and HAS to help!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Gremlin. My big sister Goldie is almost ready for her last trip to the doc too, I will miss her though. Thank goodness I have my little brother Nitro to keep me company.
I read your blog every day, but my mom doesn't have time to start one and stuff right now, but maybe someday.
Run free Gremlin... from
Bandit the husky from Delaware

nl1990 said...

oh no! Run free Gremlin!


Holly said...

Ed and Tucker, I am soooo very sorry about little Gremlin. She lived a long, and happy life, and now she can be free to run and play once again.

May she wear her honorary silver harness with great pride.

God speed sweet Gremlin.


The Army of Four said...

We are so very sorry to hear about Gremlin! She is running free and easy now, chewing books, and wooing with those who came before her! We're sure Mutzger met her at the gates and showed her all around the place, before engaging in a great game of zoomies together.
Thank you for giving her a love-filled life!
Love from all of us,

Summit the Super Mal said...

Woo there Ed and Tucker~
It is never easy to have to see a loved one North of the Bridge but I bet Mutzger was sure glad to have her there.
You have to be proud that you gave her a safe, happy and long life. We know you will miss her.


Kapp pack said...


We are so sad to learn about Gremlin. Their time with us never seems to be long enough. Give the HA lots of kisses and woos to remember Gremlin by!

Sad woos, KA

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mr. Ed! I'm so sorry about Gremlin--but she'll be with Mutzger now...

Tucker, Sinjin, and Lucy, it's up to you guys now to cheer up the H.A., okay?

Take care of each other...


Minky said...

We are all very sorry to hear that lovely Ms. Gremlin has gone to the Bridge. Give Mr. Ed an extra kiss for us, okay, Tucker? Gremlin, please look up our brother Slappy. He'll help Mutzger show you the ropes and introduce you to his buddies.

Love, Benny, Moey, Minky, and Tippy

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We are sorry about Gremlin. I bet she is happy to run around without any pain now.

Steve and Kat

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

We were very sorry to hear of the passing of Gremlin! Run free of pain Gremlin and wear your silver harness with pride. Godspeed...

Mack said...

What a lovely tribute to such a beautiful girl!!


Thor said...

Hi, Ed and Tucker,

We were very sorry to read about Gremlin's passing. You did the best thing you could do for her, and now she is running free and young again at the Bridge, wearing her honorary silver harness. We will woo for her.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Gremlin is no longer here to pester Tucker. I guess it's all up to Lucy and Sinjin now.....

Gremlin, you go find my Rosey for me and give her a big slobbery kiss for me, would ya?

all our love from this side of the bridge ~

sheri, ryan, Harley, Anika, Oliver, Scamp and the foster kitties Dolly, Ceilli and Seanna

Anonymous said...

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