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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red Wubba red Wubba web Wudda

No, I don't miss Lucy.  I mean, Sally Violet.  (That's her new name.)

She was okay. She hardly ever bothered me. But last week she barked at me! Just because I was eating her food! So I gave her a bite on her muzzle.

That's why the Human Assistant was mad at me. He doesn't like for the merchandise fosters to get damaged. Oh, and I gave Sinjin a second bite on the muzzle. So much for his "handsome face"!

Anyway. Here's the second part of the pictures from last time. The more important part. Especially since What's-​her-​name isn't here anymore.

Tucker is handed red Wubba
Thank you.
Tucker looks at camera
Now, don't take my Wubba!
Tucker looks back over his shoulder
I mean it!
Tucker stands over the Wubba
My Wubba!
Tucker looks down at the Wubba
Tucker looks back up from Wubba
Tucker chews Wubba in garage
Doo be do be chooo....
Tucker looks up from chewing
You're not taking it, are you?
Tucker goes after tossed Wubba
Dang it!
Tucker returns with tossed Wubba
Why'd you throw it?
Tucker runs after thrown Wubba
Double dang it!
Tucker just looks at Wubba thrown a third time
Not again!  Forget it!  Game over!

Yeah, so I guess the Human Assistant misses Sally Violet already. Last night he was looking at other dogs on the computer.

Another dog?   Already ‽‽‽

He made notes about one dog in a notepad. So this morning while he was still asleep I took the notepad off the computer desk. In the back yard I pulled all the pages out. Then I came back in for a flyer he had for the Lucky Mutt Strut for the MaxFund shelter.

Shoot! That only had his notes for Vasha's blurb! So I only tore one corner off.

Then I came back in and dug around in a bag of stuff H.A. got at REI. There was some kind of doofussy pen from outer space or something. Still on its little card from the store. So I unwrapped that and gave it a good chew.

I happen to know that it's not the pen he wanted. But the store didn't have any of those. And they're not on the outer space website now, either.

So I'm sure he didn't mind. And I just dented the cap real good. Metal's sure harder to chew than plastic! He got the red one, by the way.

Anyway. I guess I didn't foil the H.A.'s plans. More about that another time.



Holly said...

I'm glad you got a new Wubba!!! Good to know you aren't a retriever or something like that!
After all, Sibes don't fetch!! Well, unless you are Dave!

Congrats on Lucy going to her new home!!

Shame on you for damaging handsom Sinjin's snooter!


Kapp pack said...

Yeah, I totally don't get why these humans think they need to through things and then us go get them. If they wanted it why did they throw it in the first place!

WOo woo, KA

The Army of Four said...

That's so wonderful that Lucy got adopted! I hope she's happy in her fur-ever home!
We don't have Wubbas. LIke Holly said, Dave would probably want to play fetch with it. Me? I'd want to rip it to shreds. Just because.
Please don't scar Sinjin up! Please!??

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I got a new Wubba!

It is another red one!!

I'll be bloggin' it 'soon' - Monday's post will be my mom's new khoncept for Monday posts -

BTW, your khomment about the merchandise made me smile and ha rooooo!

PeeEssWoo: BE NICE or H.A. will add YOU to the merchandise list!

nl1990 said...

ooh Tucker - I noticed the new foster over there on the sidebar :)

how are you all getting along?


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

WUBBA! I only like the snugga one... I have my nylon one to my BFF Khyra!!! Woo look khute getting woo wubba!