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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Big Muddy

Yesterday was kinda interesting.

The Human Assistant has the same disease/problem/whatever as Alizé. He says they're too sweet.  ::GAG::  Sure. Whatever.

H.A. started a new medicine Wednesday night. Thursday morning he was not sweet enough. More so than usual. So he was stumbling around being too slow getting our breakfast.

While waiting for the "pink grapefruit slices in light syrup" to kick in.

But first he had to stick things in Alizé's pee. While watching a clock on the computer because it's the only one in the house that shows seconds as well as firsts.

While trying hard not to spill pee on the keyboard.

Though I don't know what that would hurt. He has to make sure that the pee doesn't have keytones in it anymore. If it did, and it got spilled into the keyboard, I guess it would make music while he typed.

But it doesn't. So what's the big deal?

So that was the morning's excitement.

Alizé rubs against doggy bed while lying down
Must. Dry. Fur.
Alizé rubs against doggy bed while standing up

In the afternoon the H.A. decided to give Alizé a bath in the bathtub.

She didn't scream or try to jump out. But she stood sideways as far from the sprayer as she could. H.A. had to bend all this way and that. And soap her twice and rinse her off twice. His muscles hurt today! Heh.

The tub wasn't draining very fast. So it looked like Alizé was standing in a shallow pool of the Misi-ziibi. Ol' Man River. The Big Greasy.

Alizé looks at the camera
Alizé's wet fur
white, white, white, black tips

Alizé got fairly clean on her top and sides. But her tummy and back end need more cleaning. But not today. H.A. wants to buy more tub laxative first.

He says the faster the water leaves the tub, the more dirt it takes with it. It's like rivers. Mountain streams run run run and take dirt away.

By the time they get to the ocean, they're big and tired and lazy. They can't carry the dirt anymore. So they just drop it. Like in the bottom of our tub now.

So that was the afternoon's excitement.

Alizé follows Zot
You're new!
Alizé tries to rush out the front door
Me me me go!

Then Zot came for a quick visit. She was actually pretty happy. Zot really hates living with other dogs. She's lots happier living with just her mom.

So of course Zot was happy yesterday! Her mom got home from work and took her for a drive and came to see us. What doggy wouldn't be happy with all that?

When her mom headed for the door, Zot figured she was going too. So did Alizé! For a blind little lady, she sure knows where the front door is! And how to push open the screen door! (H.A. says that one of these days he'll fix that.)

Zot's polite when she's not all stressed out. So she stood back to see what her mom would do. Eventually Zot and her mom were in their car and Alizé was in the house.

And that was the evening's excitement.

Nothing much is going on today. Oh well.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh my Tukhker -

woo akhtually kinda sorta seem to like the new old gal -

I'm just sayin' that fur woo didn't seem khwite like your NORMAL KHRANKY self!

Hugz&Khysses for you AND LOTS MORE for your H.A.,

Holly said...

That Alize' sure looks like quite a fun girl!!! I think she would fit right in with you and Sinjin!!!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wooo! We like the first two photos of Alize all twisted in her bed, ha roo