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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now who?

Sorry for no posts in a while! The Human Assistant has been busy. As I'll explain.

Here's a cozy domestic scene. According to the H.A. He took these Sunday night.

Sinjin sleeping in his 'den' under the computer desk
Sinjin in his den.
Alizé and Tucker sleeping in the kitchen
Me 'n' some other dog.
Like I said before, the Human Assistant must've started missing Sally Violet pretty fast. He only got rid of her Friday afternoon. Then just a day and a nap later, he brought home some other dog.

I could smell that she came from someplace with lots of dogs. But not the H.A.'s usual shelter. And she looked and smelled like she hadn't lived with humans in a while! Not that I minded that, of course. It made her more interesting. But even her pee smelled funny.

The H.A. thought that since I   didn't mind   the senior female Lucy Sally Violet, then I was bound to positively  ♥ like   a senior female Sibe!

I wish I could make that human sound where they stick out their tongue and make it flap against their lips! Try bringing me a female friend that doesn't walk into me when I'm sprawled out! If you're going to bring me a female friend.

Then the next day he took this dog to the usual shelter and brought her back wearing a MaxFund tag.

Then the next day he took her someplace else and came back without her. He smelled like the place where I go to get weighed and shots and stuff. He said they wanted to keep her overnight.

Hey, I'm not greedy! Keep her forever!

Then nothing happened the next day. Which was Tuesday. Okay, H.A. says he spent a lot of time on the phone trying to find this dog's humans. From a chip she has on her shoulder. That's a strange thing for him to say! She's actually a pretty relaxed dog.

The phone calls convinced H.A. that her name really was Alizé. Like the shelter told him. He just kinda had trouble believing someone would name a Sibe a French word for wind. Or some French booze. Or a French singer. Or one of her French songs.

Wouldn't it make more sense to name a dog after French fries? (French french fries are pommes frites. Isn't that the breed of our friend Minky? )

Anyway. Then H.A. brought Alizé back on Wednesday. She had these places on her front legs with no fur. She said they scraped it off one leg and stuck a needle in her.  ​Ouch!

Then they left the needle in her leg the rest of the day!  ​Owooowooowooo!

She said at least she wasn't starving for a drink while this hose was connected to her. But she got tired of it and pulled the hose off that night. She couldn't get the needle out. But she licked it and chewed it and goobered it up so they couldn't use it.

So then they scraped fur off her other leg. And stuck a needle in that one! And left it there all day !  ​I thought there were humans who stopped animal torture like that!

Well. She got tired of that hose too. Pulled it off that night. They didn't hook it up again. Thank dog!

But they were sticking her with other needles. And bothering her while she peed. Which was pretty often. They kept catching her pee in jars. Humans are so weird!

I guess Alizé can barely see. When she first got here she ran into steps that go up. And tripped down steps that go down. Now she does fine on the steps. And actually, she doesn't step on me anymore. But she still gets too close! So I have to bark at her.

The Human Assistant gives her shots twice a day. She acts like she can't even feel them! And he catches her pee. And sticks a skinny piece of paper in it. Weird!

And puts drops in her eyes. Now that she doesn't especially like.

And she won't eat kibble now. She did before she went away for a couple of days. But I guess they spoiled her. And her second meal isn't at the same time as ours.

So me and Sinjin will be getting some stinky canned food at night! I hope that's in addition to medi-treats!

And that's the story on this other dog. We'll see what happens. Or smell and hear what happens. You know what I mean.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My mom's furst Sibe Taltia had to have her pee khaught and paper tested too -

And she had to have shots each day with sharpie things and some likhwid kept in the magikh khold box -

She did well until it was too much for her pankhreas BUT she was furry well loved -

Mom says she loves the name - tres bonne or something chewy like that!

PeeEssWoo: Helllllllo SlimJim!

Minky said...

Aww!! Miss Alizé, I love how you've possessively draped a paw over Tucker's tail, and he doesn't even mind!

With Mr. Ed's help, I'm sure you're going to get stronger and healthier every day, and you already look very happy.

My mom met you last Sunday at the shelter, and says you're very beautiful, although you could probably use a day at the spa with Ms. Diane. Do ask for the hot oil treatment (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Pom Frite!) - it will do wonders for your fur and skin!


The Army of Four said...

We really, really hope everything works out well for Alizé. Your HA is really, really nice to take her in and help her feel better, Tucker! Really.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tucker!

Will you please say "welcome" to Alize for me? That is, if she isn't bothering you at the moment...

And please tell your HA that he is a wonderful human for taking care of another beautiful animal!


Holly said...

Poor girl!!! I can't believe her family isn't looking for her! How sad. But I am happy she now has you and your family! I think she will fit in there quite nicely!


nl1990 said...

Hi Tucker!

Are you being nice to Alize?

Good job you guys, taking care of that beautiful girl.