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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pack news

Tucker:  Let's start with news about me! My cough is a little worse. Especially at night. BUT! I get more treats! The Human Assistant will explain the medical stuff.

mr_ed:  I weaned Tucker off prednizone lately, so I expected some coughing due to leftover stuff from his old pneumonia and eosinophilic infiltration.

But his white blood cell count was up at his routine exam last week, suggesting an infection. So Dr. Pasek prescribed an antibiotic. Liver was showing up too, so two supplements for that. That's 7 pills - I mean, additional treats - per day for him.

Plus two of the big marshmallow-sized chewable joint-support supplements that everydoggy started getting after Gremlin's appointment. Tucker thinks he hit the doggy version of a Las Vegas jackpot! But he's gotten super crabby, as he does when the respiratory problems flare up.

Sinjin had a routine appointment, too. Liver also elevated and thyroid is borderline, possibly explaining the rough wiriness of his coat along his spine. Haven't talked with the vet since those results came back, but probably supplements for his liver too plus maybe a trial on thyroid med.

Tucker:  Sinjin! What a loud-mouth! He barks when he wants out. Barks when he wants in. Barks when he wants food. Barks when he wants treats. Doesn't woo. Whines. And makes his lower jaw quiver.

I heard he was a real pain at the dokker's office. He screamed like a baby! And they had to stick him for blood four times because he jumped when they got the sticker in just the right place.

Even Lucy gets tired of Sinjin's barking! She growled at him the other day. Another time I thought she was gonna rip into him when the H.A. was playing grab paws with him and Sinjin started grabbing H.A.'s hand. Wooo-eee! H.A. had to calm her down!

She went for a ride Wednesday. Her first visit with anybody who might want to adopt her. H.A. says she'd be a good dog for them. I'd rather get rid of Sinjin, but....

Gremlin is doing pretty good. She's just finishing up medicine for her bladder. And she can pretty much walk around the house and yard anywhere she wants to go. The three steps to come into the house are a little hard for her. So it's not like everything is super-duper.

As for newcomers, the 20 won't be coming from New Mexico. H.A. says most of them were puppies, anyway. Pups are so popular that none of 'em would have got this far. I guess the grown-ups also found places. They were all rescued from a hoarder.

Holly, H.A. says he doesn't know yet whether deaf senior Virginia is coming west. The lady will try to find her a home back there. If she can't, then she'll check on our status. Which will be too many dogs!, of course. But maybe a quiet girl might fit. But it'll be a month or more.

Sorry for no pictures this time! Maybe when H.A. goes to the shelter in a day or two. He wrapped 30 pounds of hamburger and hot dogs into small packages. So doggies and kitties who don't want to eat will have some real food to tempt them.  [mr_ed:  And to give meds.]

We begged and begged for some. Some of us a lot louder than others! But we didn't get any. It all goes to the shelter.

Anyway. That's all for now!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Sinjin another doth provoke

BTW, if woo don't stop writing about him SO MUCH, we are gonna think woo really DO like HIM!!!  (Khyra)

One sin, I know, another doth provoke.  (Shakespeare, Pericles, act 1, sc. 1)

It's important that I woo out against the Human Assistant bringing dogs to the house. What if he doesn't stop?

Sinjin has only been here a week. And already H.A. is talking to people to get another one from Ohio and 20 more from New Mexico!

⇒  20!  ⇐

Then someone will come and take us all to the city pound. And then we'll all be back where we started!

So somedoggy has to chase Lucy and Sinjin outta here. And make sure the ᛒᚤᚱᛒᚤᚱᚾᚤᚺᛃ don't overwhelm us!

I have not been able to do a good job of it the past few days. I have a cough down in my chest. The dokker sent us home with Aunty Bio-Tic, who lives in a bottle. But I'm not feeling better yet. Maybe it's partly that old new monia again.

Anyway. A few days ago H.A. took us boys on a walk together. Here ya go:

Sinjin and Tucker start their walk
We're off ... what's that?
Sinjin and Tucker find snow
No sledding today!
Sinjin sniffs a pole
Tucker looks over at Sinjin
Did I miss something over there?
Sinjin sniffs around pine cones
The nose knows the difference!
Sinjin and Tucker arrive home
Open the door, somebody!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

'Jin, for the Defense

Sinjin with his mouth open
My turn!
Sinjin here.

I barked at the Human Assistant until he let me have a turn on this blog thing.

It's a new experience for me. We'll have to rename it to reflect a two-Sibe scenario.

But for now, does anydoggy remember the TV show, Judd, for the Defense? No? I'm not surprised.

Regardless, the Army of Four's Zim may need some representation. He got into an unpleasant "spot" on the sitzbank, and, as you can read, many have rushed to Zim's aid.

I, too, would like to help, and I owe a debt to the Army of Four and their Supreme Commanders. The human with the call sign Papa Mike brought me from Kansas, where I was kept outdoors, to Colorado. But you've read about that.

And so, may I introduce myself:  'Jin, for the Defense.

I'm a student of all the great Courtroom Canines: Furry Mason, Rottweil of the Bailey, and Alley McBeagle ... and the master, a role model for shagginess, Basenji Matlock (known to his detractors as Basenji "Matfur.")

(That irrational Dobie Crane? What dog would say that "Trix are for kids," when the stuff should obviously be eaten by dogs? Kibble for kids? I think not.)

Very well. Most of the elements of a broad, scatter-gun defense are in the comments to Zim's post. Including, yes, the SODDI defense! (Some Other Dog Did It)

Butt! Amber is not a dog dog, she's a ... female dog. And she is one of the A04 I'm trying to repay. So let's not drag her into this.

As an added point, do humans go past that snowbank? I mean, sitzbank? Humans who have been outside? Humans who have recently driven one dog with (some) red fur to meet another dog with red fur?

Humans who Might. Possibly. have brought in fur that came from somewhere else?

The Defense in Outline

We can say with some confidence, by observing Heisenberg's cat, that Zim may not have been in the house at all!

But if Zim was in the house, then he wasn't on the sitzbank. The incriminating fur isn't his, and the photo is bogus.

But if he was on the sitzbank, well, the humans had an unreasonable expectation that Siberian Huskies are capable of obedience in staying off furniture.

But if the humans can show a history of compliance with such an unreasonable rule, then clearly a mitigating factor was at play.

There is evidence of uninvited trespassers within the Ao4 perimeter. Dogs have guarded home and humans for thousands of years.

Dave's alert observation needed to be supplemented because coloring of the coat and of the eyes is somehow related, and a red-​and-​white dog is needed in such a critical scenario to balance the observations of a black-​and-​white.

And finally, I draw attention to the fact that the Statute of Limitations on canine crime gives 15 seconds, in most states, for addressing the problem.

In Conclusion

He's just a dog. He can't help himself. Pursuing action against Zim will give no more satisfaction than purusing him at full speed down the street. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Good luck, Zim, buddy! Let me know if I can bring you anything in the dog house!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Let he who is without Sin(jin)...

No, wait. That won't work!

Okay, well, Sinjin has a dogster page now. But for loyal readers of this blog, it's all stuff you've seen already. Or will see here in a tiny bit.

Speaking of loyal readers. Loyal readers who speak back ... "Good dog, Tucker!" "Please be nice, Tucker!" "You're doing a good thing, Tucker!"


This little place already had two more dogs than it needed. There's Gremlin lying around....

By the way, she thanks you for your concern. She's doing better. She can get up by herself whenever she wants, now. The dokker gave the Human Assistant pain pills for her. Cram-it-all. They seem to help.

And then there's Lucy. More about her in a minute.

So with a lying-around dog and a wag-waggy dog, it's not like there was lots of room to take on another big furball.

So like I said last time, I'm making sure the H.A. sees what a problem Sinjin is. (And making sure the dog has plenty of opportunities to be a problem!)

Sinjin sniffing the stove
Aww, go ahead ... surf!
Sinjin sniffing the fridge
Look inside the fridge!
Sinjin sniffing the food bin
Sinjin:  Woo, what's this
Sinjin eating from the food bin
Sinjin:  Supper!

I couldn't get him to stove surf or counter surf, darnit. Or open the fridge or the oven or the microwave. Not yet, anyway. I'll keep working on him.

H.A. left a food bin open while he was dishing out supper. Now I would never have stuck my head in it! But Sinjin did. And ate out of it!

And the human didn't care!

He said the rest of us should just go back to our bowls. Sinjin was a little confused about which bowl he should eat out of. (Not mine!) So H.A. just let him chow down out of the bin!

But I think I have him on this other deal. Remember when Lucy walked through a puddle of black stuff? And tracked it into the house? Get a load of this!

Sinjin lying on oil stains
Sinjin:  No, my bladder's healthy.
Sinjin lying on oil stains again
Sinjin:  Why do you ask?
Lucy lying on oil stains
Lucy:   I didn't do it!
Lucy lying on oil stains again
Lucy:  My conscience is clean.

The H.A. hasn't quite got around to cleaning up the oil. Lucy walked through it ... Sinjin musta laid in it or something! Woooo-ee!

H.A. has sent email to the people who adopted Sequoia. They had said they'd be interested in more Sibes.  Heh heh heh!  It won't be long now!


Okay, yes I would go after food in a bin. I mean, he left it open...!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Casting out Sin(jin)

Okay, I mentioned that Sinjin took my favorite pad next to the computer. The first evening he was here!

There's more to that. I was annoyed and went to the pad in the hallway. Gremlin was there! She never sleeps there! I had to use the pad in the living room. Spell Lucy "L-U-C-K-Y" that she wasn't taking up the last large pad in the house! She was still in the smaller pad by the computer.

Sinjin on one big pad
You're on my pad, Sinjin!
Gremlin on another big pad
You're on my pad, Gremlin!
Tucker on a third big pad
Sinjin on human bed
Oh, thanks!  A little late, buddy!

Too many dogs in this house, obviously!

GOAL:  Get Sinjin out!
PLAN:  Make him want to leave!

I thumped Sinjin later that night. He was standing next to me when it was time for medicine treats. I don't mind so much once the Human Assistant is into the process, going around the circle with the treats. Then I just have to watch and make sure I get mine each time around.

But until he starts, the left side is mine! If he only turns one direction with treats, and it's to the left, then buddy I get 'em all! I've had to tell other dogs that, too.

But there's a limit to how much direct action I can take. I don't wanna spend all day in a crate! So I have another strategy, too.

I keep an eye on Sinjin. When does something that's against the rules, I make sure H.A. knows about it. He's brand new here. He can't know how we do things. So if I make sure to point out everything he does wrong, H.A. will see that it's too much trouble to keep him!

Now, this one I didn't have to mention to H.A. He saw it for himself. Sinjin got next to a crate and shifted his weight to the back paw that wasn't next to the crate. He was gonna mark it!

H.A. saw that and stopped him. Sinjin was like, Huh?  Later he did it again! Or tried to. Walked up to the crate, leaned to the right ... caught again! No marko!

Well, this was enough to annoy the H.A., but not enough to really annoy him. So when H.A. was in another room, I told Sinjin that the coast was clear. Bingo! H.A. heard the tinkling sound, but he was too late to stop the act!  Heh!


Fooey! I should have posted this 12 hours ago when I got this far and stopped. More later today on my evil plan!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TUCKER's trip

Yeah, yeah. Last time the photos were all about Sinjin. (I hope everydoggy noticed me #2!)

But Sinjin only rode in one direction! And I rode in both! So let's have pics about my trip!

The Human Assistant took pictures in the gas station before we left. He was muttering about getting a rental vehicle with only ¼ of a tank of gas. And being late and getting later.

But he used the time wisely! He took pictures of yo!
Tucker's Snow Dog pose
Look!  It's a Snow Dog!
Tucker's laughing pose
The camera loves me!

(The first photo looks better if you click on it to make it bigger.)

Great pictures, H.A. ... of a great dog!  Heh!   If I'd had these photos a week ago I might've worked up the courage to ask H.A. to send them to Amber and ask her to be my valentine.

Then maybe she'd have come to meet me on this trip!  ::sigh::  Oh well. It wasn't to be, I guess.  

The next photos show that there was an interruption to my trip.

It's the Army of Four's Supreme Allied Co-Commander! But who's that dog? It's not Stormy, Amber, Zim or Dave!

Okay, I knew we were going to get Sinjin. But I could still make a last stand. A hamburger stand!  

I saw that Sinjin is food-motivated. (Like most of us!) So I quietly suggested that he should stick close to his Papa Mike. (Which H.A. tells me might be Army talk for a project manager. Whatever that is!)

"We're parked next to a McDonald's®, right?  ​He's dumping you so he can load up on hamburgers!  ​Stick with him!"

Sinjin and Mike
Sinjin:  You have my food?
the dominance game
Stay with him ... hamburgers!
Sinjin watches Mike leave
Sinjin:  He's getting hamburgers?
Big Chevy Suburban & small Jeep Cherokee
The big rental vehicle and ours

But Sinjin didn't make enough of a fuss. He squawked when the Supreme Allied Co-commander lifted him into our big, tall rental vehicle. Which was even taller than normal on the inside because of how the seats were folded.

(Sinjin did it twice when H.A. helped him into the Big White Suburban, too. H.A. tried different ways to boost him up. He's not sure whether Sinjin maybe has a belly problem or something. But the last time, H.A. was mostly lifting up his (Sinjin's) rump. So it doesn't really seem like it. Something for our dokker to check.)

Then Sinjin watched Papa Mike get in the A04mobile and drive off. Well, I tried!

But my evil genius plan to get rid of Sinjin continues! And I think it's working! I'll tell you about it next time!

The H.A. needed one more photo to finish with. So the last one shows the big rented Chevy Suburban next to our 20-year-old Jeep XJ (Cherokee).

On the other side of the vehicles is Wadsworth Boulevard. Then the Ford part of Phil Long dealerships. Then the foothills.

H.A. took that picture at the end of the day. And put it at the end of the blog.


p.s. - The End.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sinjin in Colorado

Tucker and Sinjin meet
Faceoff in Burlington
Tucker in crate, Sinjin not
Hey!  He's not in a crate!
Sinjin eating, Tucker drinking
Food and water - the basics.
Sinjin exploring the kitchen
What's so interesting
Sinjin on dog pad
He's in my spot!
Sinjin snacking on dog pad
He has a treat in my spot!


Photos in progress!

I won't apologize for the stupid Human Assistant! He came back and gave us our supper. Which took some organizing. He said it was like musical chairs without the chairs. And without the music.

Just like musical chairs!

Okay, so he had to do that stuff. But then he   jumped right in taking more photos, and   started looking at them and working on them without announcing that they would be available soon.

He has some done. Come back in 20 minutes!

mr_ed: "Slim Jim" and I left Tucker and the girls at the house and weighed him at the vet's and returned the vehicle. Supper for me, then home!
Home! The Human Assitant just finished unloading the vehicle. 'Scuse me. Gotta settle a "mounting problem."
Sinjin! We didn't even make it to Kansas. Sinjin swapped vehicles in Burlington, CO. We're on our way back now.
Beautiful day for a drive! But windy in eastern Colorado!
WAY behind schedule! Can't talk now!

Trans-prairie Siberian Railway

Today we're driving to Kansas!  The Human Assistant says we'll be on the Trans-prairie Siberian Railway.

That doesn't make sense. We'll be in a car! Which can't drive on railways. Which are for trains! Which he spelled wrong!

Anyway. We're going to get Sinjin. Then we're coming back. Then I don't know what we're doing with him, but I'll worry about that later.

We had to get up very early this morning. Next we'll rent a car that will hold two big crates for me 'n' Sinjin. That big honkin' van we had would transport an Army of Eight, easy! Too bad the Ao4 didn't have it so the doggies and their Mom could come too!

And then we're off!

We'll post some updates along the way. Nothing fancy. Just phoning a text message to Blogger. H.A. spent time trying to figure out how to post to Blogger from the green laptop computers. We might be able to post a picture from Kansas! We'll try!

We'll drive to the north side of Denver (which is in Colorado) to get to our I-70. Which we'll take until we get to Oakley (which is in Kansas).

The Army of Four's human guy will drive from Manhattan (the one in Kansas) to their I-70 and then to Salina (also in Kansas). He'll pick up Sinjin there and then drive some more to meet us in Oakley (which is still in Kansas).

map of Colorado
main Colorado roads

map of Kansas
main Kansas roads

→  →  →  →  →

We're on our way !

-- maps via Wikipedia


Saturday, February 16, 2008

More goings

Tucker:  Gremlin isn't really going to get much better. But all the medical stuff confuses me. So the Human Assistant will explain.

Gremlin Sweetie Pie!
mr_ed:  Gremlin's back is bad, with damaged disks and fused vertebrae and bone spurs that may be poking into the spinal cord or nerves.

This seems a likely explanation for the loss of function in her back legs.  Her hips are fine.

She's getting some pain medicine now, but our veterinarian doesn't want to risk cortisone because she has bad urinary tract and bladder infections, and cortisone would interfere with healing that.

The infections will already be hard to get rid of due to her loss of mobility and any nerve damage that might affect bladder and bowel function.

When I don't notice that she's peed on herself and is lying there wet, the infections will get worse.

Also, her kidneys are going, and her liver isn't in real good shape. And she's somewhat anemic, which the doctor thinks is due to one of the other problems - kidney decline, maybe?

Tucker:  So Gremlin is just having Old Dog Stuff. (She's almost 14.) But she's walking again. A little anyway. When there's smelly food in the kitchen, she can get up on her own and walk through two rooms to get her share.

H.A. helps her get up about half the time. Then sometimes she'll walk to the kitchen to get a drink, hop down 3 steps to go outside and pee, and sometimes she'll come back inside without help, too. Other times she lies down outside and waits for H.A. to help her up again.

It's been colder than I like out on that ground! But if H.A. forgets Gremlin, she'll just stay out there and doesn't bark like she does when she's inside and wants something. He has to count noses to make sure we all get back inside. Boy does Lucy get annoyed when he accidentally shuts her out!

Anyway. That's what's up with Gremlin.

map of Oz
The Land of Oz!
H.A. and the Ao4's human dad will bring Sinjin from Kansas on Monday.

They were all set to do it tomorrow. Which is Sunday.

But H.A. rented a van so he'd have room for two big crates.

He decided maybe Sinjin and I could get to know each other on the trip.

But tomorrow will be windy in Kansas. And the van is big and tall. Full-sized. And H.A. doesn't want us to get swept away to the Land of Oz!

So Monday it is! Unless H.A. chickens out again! He may have a looonnng trip with a couple of Grumpy Old Sibes!  Heh!

::koff koff::  Especially because my old new monia is acting up. But I'm trying to a good boy and not too grumpy!

I don't get treats when I'm grumpy!  ::Big Husky Grin::!

-- map of Oz from Wikipedia


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Goings on

Lucy's oily pawprints
There's a trail to follow....
Lucy's oil stains on the bed
There's the culprit!
Lucy should have been in big trouble last week. But she wasn't.

She walked through a huge puddle of black stuff that came out of a machine in the garage. The Human Assistant calls it a lawnmower.

We don't have lawn in back, so I don't know. But he says it isn't supposed to leak black stuff.  OOPS!

There's no wax on the bedroom floor. The black stuff soaked right in.

And the comforter is kinda falling apart. It probably won't last through a good washing.

But the good news is that two people have been interested in adopting Lucy.

(They don't know about the black stuff.)

One decided that she (Lucy) is too big for her condo-minimum.

But Lucy and the H.A. will meet the other one and her dog that she says looks just like Lucy on Monday.

Someone applied for Ben the toeless Rottie yesterday. H.A. was at the shelter.

Ben was acting like a big goofy lovebug like Rotties do. They need image consultants! They look so tough until they roll around on the floor begging for tummy rubs!

☃☃☃  It was 65° yesterday. Then it snowed last night.  ☃☃☃

Over the weekend Gremlin's back legs stopped working. She could still walk a little on Sunday, especially if H.A. helped her stand up. But Monday and Tuesday she didn't walk at all.

Boy was she a nuisance! She'd lie there and start barking when she wanted a drink. Bark when she had to go out. (Which she couldn't do.) Bark when she was done leaking on the floor. SHEESH!

Then last night she walked some. And more today. You can bet that when H.A. snapped on a leash (to take her to the dokker) she sure did walk!

H.A. thought the dokker would do x-rays and blood tests and stuff today. But he said to bring her back tomorrow. So we'll know more after that. But it's probably not her hips. Pinched nerve, maybe. I dunno.

Anyway. H.A. didn't go get sin gin on Monday. Now it sounds like Kelsey Ann and Holly were right. It's Sinjin. And it's a dog!

We'll just have to see about that!

But that's all for now.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

R-mee's Rex Rescued

I'm sorry for keeping everydoggy in suspenders about the Kansas dogs! But waiting actually gave me more good news to pass along!

All three doggies are safe. Two found homes already and don't need to come to Denver. The third one still does but is in a home he knows for a few days.

I don't actually like being in the middle of this rescue stuff. One day you hear the sky is purple. The next day you hear it's orange. By the time you've had supper and a few treats, it's green!

Rex in Kansas City
Rex in Kansas City
This is Rex the retired Army dog.

AKC-registered Siberian Husky.

Scheduled with three other dogs to be euthanized by the Army.

Discharged and given to an Army handler on the Spot (so to speak) with no paperwork or other formalities.

The woman who apparently told the internet that Rex needed rescue is a friend of the handler.

The handler will only release Rex to her.

But not yet. She's not ready, or Rex isn't ready, or something.

In the meantime, Rex is safe if unsure of What The Heck is going on. And I'm only passing along what the Human Assistant was told. So don't bite the messenger!

Bailey is the female whose people went to senior housing. The woman who put Bailey's information on the internet turns out not to be the person who has her.

Had her. The woman who had Bailey found her a home but didn't send word down the line.

The 13-year-old is now in Salina with his human dad's parents for a few days. It looks like there won't be any rides from people coming to the dog show. So the Human Assistant and the Ao4's people will get him here.

And that's what I know about that.

-- photo supplied by Marianne Harris


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rescue Ride Requests

Another R-literative title.

Don't blame me for the titles or for that stupid pun. You-​know-​who came up with them!

In fact, this whole message is basically from the Human Assistant. But it's for a good cause, so I'll help out.

Three Siberian Huskies need rescue rides to Denver. They're in different places along the I-70 highway in Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. They don't need to ride together.

Does anydoggy know of any humans driving to Denver soon?

Maybe they're coming for the dog show that starts in five days? The Rocky Mountain Cluster? Hosted by the Plum Creek Kennel Club?

The Army of Four is also working on the logistics for this maneuver!

The three Sibes all need rescue for good reasons! The mom of one of them says their 2-​year-​old daughter tripped over the dog and got bit in the face. By the way, this Sibe is 13!

Another one got volunteered for the Army. His nose did, anyway. He was supposed to be a sniffer dog. He flunked the sniffing test.

Hmmm. Siberian Husky ordered to sniff. Siberian Husky doesn't exactly do as ordered. Does this seriously surprise anydoggy?

How about this part ... the Army decided to kill him!


I'll bet that wasn't explained to him in advance!

The third dog's happy home is going away. Her people are moving into senior housing and can't take her with them.

Anyway, this is what I'm told fourth-paw. Humans have ways to not quite tell the truth. Or to get a detail wrong here or there. You know.

These Sibes will appreciate any help!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Rottie Round-up

So far the Sibe of the Month Club seems to be inactive. But another breed has been showing up at the MaxFund shelter. Rotties!

I think that's short for Rotten, Mean Dog with no Tail.

I would be mean and rotten too if some human cut off my tail! But it didn't seem to affect Gremlin. She's half Rottweiler.

MaxFund's Gretel
MaxFund's Beauty
MaxFund's Medusa
MaxFund's Gabby
MaxFund's Ben
MaxFund's Bonnie & Claude
Bonnie & Claude

So MaxFund had 7 Rotties a few days ago when the Human Assistant was at the shelter. Gabby is in a foster home. But he took pictures of the others.

Gretel was just coming into the shelter the day he was there. I apologize for his pictures of doggies behind bars. I don't like to see them like that. But that's all he had time for that day.

Ben lost his toes on that one paw in a "run-in" with a car. But it looks like he's doing okay.

Bonnie & Claude were rough, tough Rotties barking at the world through their kennel gate. Until they got a Milk-Bone or two! Then they were H.A.'s best friends. He tried to take a picture of Bonnie begging for tummy rubs with her head in his lap. But it didn't turn out so good.

Anyway. That's what was going on at MaxFund that day.

-- photo of Gabby by Nicole Howard



The Human Assistant stayed up late Wednesday night to write a new MaxFund blurb about Lucy. It won't show up for a few days.

But then you'll see it here. It will have a link to her dogster page. So you will know when you see the new one.

Then, by amazing coincidence, somebody emailed H.A. Thursday morning and asked about adopting Lucy! Obviously they were waiting for some cosmic sign. Lucy was on the shelter website before she came here as a weekend guest ... 10 weeks ago!

We'll have to see whether the woman actually wants to meet Lucy. When H.A. told her Lucy weighs 50 pounds, she decided that Lucy was too big for her condo-minimum. It turns out that she has as much inside space as the four of us do!

Pretty close, anyway. Since H.A. has so much stuff piled around that we can't use about a room and a half.

And she likes to go for long walks. Yeah, little dogs are good for that ... if you carry them!  ::big Husky smile::

Tucker and Lucy on the same pad

Here's a picture hot off the camera. Less than 15 hours ago, anyway.

H.A. was really excited because I've never, ever willingly shared a bed with another dog! On the human bed I have occasionally let another dog up after being sure to snarl at them and the H.A. too, for good measure.

This time I came in from outside. Lucy was on my favorite near-​the-​computer pad. There was room on my favorite side. So I plopped down.

I'm not sure it was worth a picture. But H.A. says it goes into Lucy's file to show that she gets along with other dogs.

Well, if it helps my little black friend, I guess it's okay.


Wait!  What did I just call Lucy???

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


That dumb pattern of snow....



We interrupt this blog with up-to-the minute news about Midnight Mocha 8610!

Midnight and her owner were reunited yesterday!  Well, that's not breaking news....

The man is blind and Midnight is his service dog!  Which isn't exactly breaking news either....

Midnight's special working harness and backpack weren't recovered when she was found as a stray.  I know, still not up-to-the-minute.

BUT!  Even as the Human Assistant types this, MaxFund volunteers are using their online forum to gather funds to replace Midnight's important equipment!

Okay, that's it for now.


That dumb pattern of snow every few days keeps going on. Finally we had an all-day snow on Sunday. So these pictures are from yesterday.

Tucker walks in snow
Yup.  It's down by the fence, too.
Tucker walks in snow again
Whew!  I gotta lose some weight!
Lucy looks at steps
Somedoggy tracked in snow.
Lucy looks up from steps
It wasn't me!

Does anydoggy know what sin gin is?

H.A. has told me about sloe gin, bathtub gin, cotton gin, and gin rummy. But he won't tell me about sin gin.

But he's been on the phone making plans to get sin gin on Monday. So it seems important. He has to drive somewhere to meet some people.

Not that I care, unless it's food. But he has me really curious! So if anydoggy knows, please leave me a message!

That's all for now!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exciting update on 8610!

Yesterday I mentioned this attractive girl-dog. The Mysterious Miss 8610. She was a stray that somebody took to the MaxFund shelter because she had a MaxFund tag on her collar.

The tag has her old MaxFund number, 8610. But no name. I didn't write that the shelter didn't know where her old file was. The Human Assistant thought that them not knowing was ... unfortunate. He was a little rude when he told about it. So I left that out.

Also, they decided to name her Mocha. Which he said was not actually what color she is. He gets kinda literal sometimes.

But the shelter found her folder. Her name is Midnight! And they found her owner, too!!!

Midnight was stolen from her owner 9 months ago during a burglary at their house! And today she gets to go home again, finally!!!

See, this is good news, right? But the man told the shelter last May that Midnight had been stolen. So H.A. says the shelter should have had her on an alert list. When tag #8610 showed up, they should have known her story instantly. Faster than a speeding bullet!

Okay. I admit that if I got lost and then found and then sent back to the rescue group that had me, I'd want outta there instantly too.

The shelter was really scary for Midnight! And before that she spent lots of time tied outside wherever she was living.

So it's really great she gets to go back to her real home now! The rest doesn't matter. It's all about Midnight at home!

Good news! Good news! Who's a good newsie, hmmm? Good doggie news!   


Monday, February 4, 2008


Sunday the Human Assistant came home smelling like something he called Parfum 8610.  Huh. Smelled like dog to me.

He had been at the MaxFund shelter, of course. They have a new dog named 8610. She was a stray, but already wearing a MaxFund tag. Tag #8610.

MaxFund dog #8610
So what's in the stupid box?
MaxFund dog #8610 strutting
MaxFund dog #8610 watching through the fence
So what's in the stupid box?
MaxFund dog #8610 head close-up

(The H.A. re-used a photo setup from another blog entry. He changed the photos and the ALT text but left the captions. He thinks it's kinda cute. I think he needs to get out and meet other humans more.)

MaxFund puts names on dogs' tags now. And their number, of course. But back whenever, I guess they didn't put the names on.

Number 8610 was about 1,400 dogs ago for the shelter. You can tell because they just had a raffle. Volunteers bought raffle tickets. The winner gets to name the dog that gets tag #10000. You can't buy tickets anymore, but they haven't drawn the winner yet.

Meanwhile MaxFund got dog #9999. And they didn't shut the shelter down. So more dogs kept coming! The director set aside a folder for #10000. And they kept getting more dogs and giving them higher numbers. But not #10000, not yet.

And 8610 can't be 10000. H.A. says that's because of Number Theory. I say if it's a theory, maybe it's wrong! He says she already has a perfectly good MaxFund tag and doesn't need a new one.

I say if it was a perfectly good tag it would have her name on it! He mumbles something about maybe they can add her name. Once they figure out what it is.

I say that if she's number 10000 that's not a problem because somebody will get the privilege of giving her a name! He says she already has a name. They just don't know what it is. And she's not telling.

Well, whatever. I'm sure they'll figure something out, even without my help.

Does anydoggy know what breed 8610 is? Or what breeds? I'm curious, and the Human Assistant can't assist on this.