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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exciting update on 8610!

Yesterday I mentioned this attractive girl-dog. The Mysterious Miss 8610. She was a stray that somebody took to the MaxFund shelter because she had a MaxFund tag on her collar.

The tag has her old MaxFund number, 8610. But no name. I didn't write that the shelter didn't know where her old file was. The Human Assistant thought that them not knowing was ... unfortunate. He was a little rude when he told about it. So I left that out.

Also, they decided to name her Mocha. Which he said was not actually what color she is. He gets kinda literal sometimes.

But the shelter found her folder. Her name is Midnight! And they found her owner, too!!!

Midnight was stolen from her owner 9 months ago during a burglary at their house! And today she gets to go home again, finally!!!

See, this is good news, right? But the man told the shelter last May that Midnight had been stolen. So H.A. says the shelter should have had her on an alert list. When tag #8610 showed up, they should have known her story instantly. Faster than a speeding bullet!

Okay. I admit that if I got lost and then found and then sent back to the rescue group that had me, I'd want outta there instantly too.

The shelter was really scary for Midnight! And before that she spent lots of time tied outside wherever she was living.

So it's really great she gets to go back to her real home now! The rest doesn't matter. It's all about Midnight at home!

Good news! Good news! Who's a good newsie, hmmm? Good doggie news!   



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That is SOOOOO freakin' khool!!!

Hope woo will keep us posted about her homekhoming!!!


Minky said...

Is that awesome, or what? Yay for Midnight and her human!! And yay for that Maxfund tag, which allowed them to reunite!!

Kapp pack said...

That is great news!!!! How happy dog and owner must be!

Woo woo, KA

The Army of Four said...

That is SOOOOooo wonderful! And gives hope to others who have had their pup stolen!!!