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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pack news

Tucker:  Let's start with news about me! My cough is a little worse. Especially at night. BUT! I get more treats! The Human Assistant will explain the medical stuff.

mr_ed:  I weaned Tucker off prednizone lately, so I expected some coughing due to leftover stuff from his old pneumonia and eosinophilic infiltration.

But his white blood cell count was up at his routine exam last week, suggesting an infection. So Dr. Pasek prescribed an antibiotic. Liver was showing up too, so two supplements for that. That's 7 pills - I mean, additional treats - per day for him.

Plus two of the big marshmallow-sized chewable joint-support supplements that everydoggy started getting after Gremlin's appointment. Tucker thinks he hit the doggy version of a Las Vegas jackpot! But he's gotten super crabby, as he does when the respiratory problems flare up.

Sinjin had a routine appointment, too. Liver also elevated and thyroid is borderline, possibly explaining the rough wiriness of his coat along his spine. Haven't talked with the vet since those results came back, but probably supplements for his liver too plus maybe a trial on thyroid med.

Tucker:  Sinjin! What a loud-mouth! He barks when he wants out. Barks when he wants in. Barks when he wants food. Barks when he wants treats. Doesn't woo. Whines. And makes his lower jaw quiver.

I heard he was a real pain at the dokker's office. He screamed like a baby! And they had to stick him for blood four times because he jumped when they got the sticker in just the right place.

Even Lucy gets tired of Sinjin's barking! She growled at him the other day. Another time I thought she was gonna rip into him when the H.A. was playing grab paws with him and Sinjin started grabbing H.A.'s hand. Wooo-eee! H.A. had to calm her down!

She went for a ride Wednesday. Her first visit with anybody who might want to adopt her. H.A. says she'd be a good dog for them. I'd rather get rid of Sinjin, but....

Gremlin is doing pretty good. She's just finishing up medicine for her bladder. And she can pretty much walk around the house and yard anywhere she wants to go. The three steps to come into the house are a little hard for her. So it's not like everything is super-duper.

As for newcomers, the 20 won't be coming from New Mexico. H.A. says most of them were puppies, anyway. Pups are so popular that none of 'em would have got this far. I guess the grown-ups also found places. They were all rescued from a hoarder.

Holly, H.A. says he doesn't know yet whether deaf senior Virginia is coming west. The lady will try to find her a home back there. If she can't, then she'll check on our status. Which will be too many dogs!, of course. But maybe a quiet girl might fit. But it'll be a month or more.

Sorry for no pictures this time! Maybe when H.A. goes to the shelter in a day or two. He wrapped 30 pounds of hamburger and hot dogs into small packages. So doggies and kitties who don't want to eat will have some real food to tempt them.  [mr_ed:  And to give meds.]

We begged and begged for some. Some of us a lot louder than others! But we didn't get any. It all goes to the shelter.

Anyway. That's all for now!



Minky said...

Aww, I hope you feel better soon, Mr. Tucker! Those old-new-monia aftereffects sure get tiresome, don't they?

Mr. Sinjin, you sound like an eloquent and expressive kinda dog - must be that legal background of yours!

Miss Lucy, I hope you find a great furver home, if it's meant to be, although I personally think you've got a pretty sweet deal going right where you are!

Lovely Miss Gremlin, I'm so happy to hear you're doing better. It's rough when those back legs give out.

And a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Ed for the hamburger and hot dogs!! Mom checked on Sunday and there was just a teensy amount left in the freezer. She'll bring some in, too.

Thor said...

Hey, Tucker!

Sorry you didn't get any hamburger or hot dogs. You should get Sinjin to stand lookout while you investigate the magic cold box!

Glad Gremlin's doing better, and I think Lucy should stay right where she is!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Sinjin SOUNDS like my kind of guy!

That's my MO too - no woos - just a really SNAPPY bark!!

Get well Tukhker - khan't have you khrabby - you'll rub off on Sinjin!!!


Kapp pack said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing a little better. I'm feeling a lot better with my new medicine...um...I mean treats too!

Woo woo, KA

Anonymous said...

Hey Tucker!

How are you feeling today? Hope you and the rest of the pack have a good weekend!


Holly said...

Sinjin sounds like Samuel. He barks every time he wants something too. Works well on the human cuz she jumps up to see what he wants! He has her well trained!

Glad little Gremlin is doing better.

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