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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


That dumb pattern of snow....



We interrupt this blog with up-to-the minute news about Midnight Mocha 8610!

Midnight and her owner were reunited yesterday!  Well, that's not breaking news....

The man is blind and Midnight is his service dog!  Which isn't exactly breaking news either....

Midnight's special working harness and backpack weren't recovered when she was found as a stray.  I know, still not up-to-the-minute.

BUT!  Even as the Human Assistant types this, MaxFund volunteers are using their online forum to gather funds to replace Midnight's important equipment!

Okay, that's it for now.


That dumb pattern of snow every few days keeps going on. Finally we had an all-day snow on Sunday. So these pictures are from yesterday.

Tucker walks in snow
Yup.  It's down by the fence, too.
Tucker walks in snow again
Whew!  I gotta lose some weight!
Lucy looks at steps
Somedoggy tracked in snow.
Lucy looks up from steps
It wasn't me!

Does anydoggy know what sin gin is?

H.A. has told me about sloe gin, bathtub gin, cotton gin, and gin rummy. But he won't tell me about sin gin.

But he's been on the phone making plans to get sin gin on Monday. So it seems important. He has to drive somewhere to meet some people.

Not that I care, unless it's food. But he has me really curious! So if anydoggy knows, please leave me a message!

That's all for now!



Kapp pack said...

Midnight sure sounds like a special doggy. Could sin gin be another doggy the HA is bringing into your house????

WOo woo, KA

Tucker said...


That is, ummm, I mean who'd name a dog that? It would be embarrassing to have a dog in the house with that name.

And crowded. No more dogs!

diane said...

Tucker, I'm glad Midnight gets to go home. And, it's nice that people will help them get her gear together!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That is just sooo khool yet so sad -

Thanks for sharing!



Holly said...

I think it is sooo pawsome that you are taking Sinjin! Too bad his humans are so selfish that you have to drive so far out of your way to get him. After all, you are doing THEM a favor in saving that poor sweet baby! God bless you!


Tucker said...

Holly, I don't think you're talking about the same sin gin as my Human Assistant.

He raised babies already. They're in the middle of their 20s now. I don't think he wants any more of them!