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Monday, February 4, 2008


Sunday the Human Assistant came home smelling like something he called Parfum 8610.  Huh. Smelled like dog to me.

He had been at the MaxFund shelter, of course. They have a new dog named 8610. She was a stray, but already wearing a MaxFund tag. Tag #8610.

MaxFund dog #8610
So what's in the stupid box?
MaxFund dog #8610 strutting
MaxFund dog #8610 watching through the fence
So what's in the stupid box?
MaxFund dog #8610 head close-up

(The H.A. re-used a photo setup from another blog entry. He changed the photos and the ALT text but left the captions. He thinks it's kinda cute. I think he needs to get out and meet other humans more.)

MaxFund puts names on dogs' tags now. And their number, of course. But back whenever, I guess they didn't put the names on.

Number 8610 was about 1,400 dogs ago for the shelter. You can tell because they just had a raffle. Volunteers bought raffle tickets. The winner gets to name the dog that gets tag #10000. You can't buy tickets anymore, but they haven't drawn the winner yet.

Meanwhile MaxFund got dog #9999. And they didn't shut the shelter down. So more dogs kept coming! The director set aside a folder for #10000. And they kept getting more dogs and giving them higher numbers. But not #10000, not yet.

And 8610 can't be 10000. H.A. says that's because of Number Theory. I say if it's a theory, maybe it's wrong! He says she already has a perfectly good MaxFund tag and doesn't need a new one.

I say if it was a perfectly good tag it would have her name on it! He mumbles something about maybe they can add her name. Once they figure out what it is.

I say that if she's number 10000 that's not a problem because somebody will get the privilege of giving her a name! He says she already has a name. They just don't know what it is. And she's not telling.

Well, whatever. I'm sure they'll figure something out, even without my help.

Does anydoggy know what breed 8610 is? Or what breeds? I'm curious, and the Human Assistant can't assist on this.



Thor said...

My mama is thinking about this one. She says 8610 looks very familiar and will figure it out for you, but thinks it's a European breed. I just told her to go look at all the breeds on Dogster. I mean, really: DUH!!

The Army of Four said...

She's so pretty!!!!