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Sunday, February 24, 2008

'Jin, for the Defense

Sinjin with his mouth open
My turn!
Sinjin here.

I barked at the Human Assistant until he let me have a turn on this blog thing.

It's a new experience for me. We'll have to rename it to reflect a two-Sibe scenario.

But for now, does anydoggy remember the TV show, Judd, for the Defense? No? I'm not surprised.

Regardless, the Army of Four's Zim may need some representation. He got into an unpleasant "spot" on the sitzbank, and, as you can read, many have rushed to Zim's aid.

I, too, would like to help, and I owe a debt to the Army of Four and their Supreme Commanders. The human with the call sign Papa Mike brought me from Kansas, where I was kept outdoors, to Colorado. But you've read about that.

And so, may I introduce myself:  'Jin, for the Defense.

I'm a student of all the great Courtroom Canines: Furry Mason, Rottweil of the Bailey, and Alley McBeagle ... and the master, a role model for shagginess, Basenji Matlock (known to his detractors as Basenji "Matfur.")

(That irrational Dobie Crane? What dog would say that "Trix are for kids," when the stuff should obviously be eaten by dogs? Kibble for kids? I think not.)

Very well. Most of the elements of a broad, scatter-gun defense are in the comments to Zim's post. Including, yes, the SODDI defense! (Some Other Dog Did It)

Butt! Amber is not a dog dog, she's a ... female dog. And she is one of the A04 I'm trying to repay. So let's not drag her into this.

As an added point, do humans go past that snowbank? I mean, sitzbank? Humans who have been outside? Humans who have recently driven one dog with (some) red fur to meet another dog with red fur?

Humans who Might. Possibly. have brought in fur that came from somewhere else?

The Defense in Outline

We can say with some confidence, by observing Heisenberg's cat, that Zim may not have been in the house at all!

But if Zim was in the house, then he wasn't on the sitzbank. The incriminating fur isn't his, and the photo is bogus.

But if he was on the sitzbank, well, the humans had an unreasonable expectation that Siberian Huskies are capable of obedience in staying off furniture.

But if the humans can show a history of compliance with such an unreasonable rule, then clearly a mitigating factor was at play.

There is evidence of uninvited trespassers within the Ao4 perimeter. Dogs have guarded home and humans for thousands of years.

Dave's alert observation needed to be supplemented because coloring of the coat and of the eyes is somehow related, and a red-​and-​white dog is needed in such a critical scenario to balance the observations of a black-​and-​white.

And finally, I draw attention to the fact that the Statute of Limitations on canine crime gives 15 seconds, in most states, for addressing the problem.

In Conclusion

He's just a dog. He can't help himself. Pursuing action against Zim will give no more satisfaction than purusing him at full speed down the street. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Good luck, Zim, buddy! Let me know if I can bring you anything in the dog house!



Kapp pack said...

Wow, now I know who to call when I need legal counsel! Thanks, Sinjin. Sounds like you are fitting right in with Tucker and H.A.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We're both really glad you found your way to a great home with Tucker and the H.A. Tucker posted a comment on our blog about dog parks. We don't know where you live for sure, but when we were on our trip moving from Texas to Seattle, we stopped to play at a dog park in Denver. It wasn't really big, but it did have a fence. Plus there was a little dusting of snow on the ground and that was our first snow experience, so we have a fond place in our hearts for that Denver dog park. It was at Berkeley Park.

Steve and Kat

Holly said...

I have decided it is titally a manner of physics. Dogs "shake" and the fur that goes up, must come down. It just happen to land on the sitzsbank. Case closed. All are innocent!