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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dogmic Paw

The Human Assistant says there's something called the Car-mic Wheel.

I don't know what that is.  But maybe there's also a thing called the Dog-mic Paw.

I don't know what that is, either.  But maybe it's, like, you put your paw on my back and somedoggy else will put their paw on your back.

Or you make me wear funny things, somebody else will make you wear funny things.

Remember two posts ago I showed pictures of poor, pathetic Huskies being forced to wear antler headbands?  Well, the Human Assistant got his turn to look dopey too:

MaxFund's Queen with Human Assistant Santa
MaxFund's Sam with Human Assistant Santa
MaxFund's Mambo with Human Assistant Santa
MaxFund's Cheyenne with Human Assistant Santa

(Did Cheyenne make a rude sound?  She's debarked.  So she makes strange sounds.  Or is Santa just surprised because he forgot his glasses?)

These are four of the dogs at the shelter.  The ones that the Human Assistant likes best, I guess.  The shelter had an open house. They wanted people to come and donate some money and have a picture taken of their pet with Santa.

Not very many people came.  I think they knew that this Santa is real stingy!  But he donated money to have his picture taken with his buddies.  Not his real buddies!  Which is me.  His shelter buddies.

Although I think he wants to foster Cheyenne.  Which would make her not a shelter buddy anymore.  She's at the house again today!  That makes three times he's brought her here!

She doesn't like being part of the pack.  So we'll see.

And YES, these are ...




Now, these documentary pictures of H.A. are more rare than any ever taken of the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, or autopsies of aliens!

And only our lucky readers can get these priceless images here!

So call now!

Operators are standing by!

They have to stand by!

We don't give them any chairs!



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Cur Rences

All summer there was nothing going on.  Except for dopey Mancha coming here.  I still don't understand why the Human Assistant brought her here.

She would jump the fence.  Fine!  Let her go!  But, no.  H.A. would go out front and open the car door.  Mancha would come running and jump in the car.  H.A. would walk her back in the house.


Either H.A. should have let her go.  Or she shouldn't have come running back.  What sense does any of that make?

Anyway.  Things started happening in the fall.  But would H.A. help me write about them?  No.  So here are the ones I can remember.
October 31    My Gotchaversary
November 2    Mancha adopted !!!
November 2    Sally Violet (Lucy) died
November 10    Alizé's birthday
November 17    Human Assistant's birthday
November 28    Mystique's birthday
December 7 - 9    Cheyenne came for visit
December 12    I'll tell you next time
December 14-16    Cheyenne came for visit
December 17    Colorado seized 100 sled dogs
Here is something coming up.  Be sure to mark your calendars!
December 25         Equation of Time is zero
Here are some notes about these oh-cur-rences:

10/31 - The H.A. says he doesn't quite remember what day my gotchaversary was.  So October 31 is the day he made a page for me at dogster.com.  He says it's also a day when scary things happen.  I don't know what he means by that.

11/2 - We GOT RID OF MANCHA !!!  What a relief!

H.A. says he thinks it will be a good home for her.  Fine, fine.  Whatever!

I mentioned Lucy (Sally Violet) a couple of times ago.  That was sad for people at the shelter, I guess.

11/10 - We know Alizé's birthday pretty close.  We know when she was bought at a pet store, anyway.  So H.A. did something like subtract 10 weeks from that.  Again.  Whatever.

11/28 - It was dopey to bring Mystique here.  But she had fun with Jägermeister, that's for sure.  I think she was born at the Colorado Humane Society.  Or anyway, they knew her birthday.

12/7-9 and 12/14-16 - I'll tell more about Cheyenne later.

12/17 - The Human Assistant will tell me why he put this here sometime.  He says.

12/25 - He also says this is one of the days of the year when your clocks tell the right time.  Which is the time that your sundial says.  At noon your clocks could be wrong by a half-hour.  It depends on where in your time zone you live.  But sometime during the day they'll be right.  Probably.  Says the H.A.

I don't know what that all means.  But we don't have any clocks in the house anyway.  Or sundials.  Maybe we should get a sundial, whatever that is.  It's bound to be better than getting another dog!

The Human Assistant and I hope you feel caught up now.  Which is better than feeling caught.  He says we'll write again soon!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Klingons in tights

Some things just shouldn't happen.

According to the Human Assistant, one of those things is Klingons in tights. I haven't seen this. But you might have. If you were a fan of the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation.

One time (says H.A.) Captain Picard wound up as Robin Hood. And the rest of the gang were Robin Hood's cohort(s).

Worf, which is a Klingon, says "I am not a Merry Man!"  Well, DUH!
Klingons Worf and Gowron
man who invented Klingon language
And neither am I!  Look at this!  Something else that just shouldn't happen!

Three Sibes with antlers
"Big Happy Family"
antlered Tucker looks forlorn
Is this really necessary?
antlered Tasha looks at antlered Alizé
Can you believe this?
Tasha dumps antlers
Forget it!
antlered Alizé looks away from camera
I'm blind.  I can't look at the camera!
Cheyenne dumps antlers
What a thing to do to a guest!

No further comment is necessary.  I hope.


Oh. That last picture shows Cheyenne. I'll talk about her another time.

-- photos of Klingons and man from Wikipedia