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Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Human Assistant has been getting up every two hours. The last two nights. It wakes everydoggy up 'cause we think something's going to happen! But nothing happens.

Except he sticks Alizé with a pin to see how sweet her blood is. It's been too sugary since she went into heat at the beginning of the month. And her pee started having keytones again.

She had them when she first got here. I still don't understand why it's bad. But I guess it is. So some of the times he sticks a needle into Alizé too. Then he drains this fancy bag of water through the needle under her skin.

Is that weird or what? She drinks lots and lots of water. Then H.A. pours more of it under her skin. Yucko!

Anyway. H.A. gets up. Which wakes me up. Which makes me hungry. Every two hours! But he doesn't feed us every two hours. He should! Then maybe Alizé wouldn't steal food.

Except it's not really stealing. Our house, our food!

A few days ago she scored a couple of bagels off the stove. H.A. has never had to worry about leaving food on counters before. We're good doggies! Usually.

Now, Zot is famous for eating bread from counters. Back at her own house. H.A. didn't leave any out for her when she lived here.

So because of Alizé he put all the human food in cupboards.

Then she chewed into Sinjin's plastic food bin. A big hole in the side! It's on wheels, and while she was snarfing out of it, she pushed it out the back door and down the steps into the garage.

BONUS! Food everywhere!

Last night Alizé swiped a notepad and some papers off a stand in the kitchen. Hey! That's my job! Actually she's done it a couple of times. Except usually she's smart enough to do it while H.A. is out of the house.

So last night she only waited until he went to lie down in his bedroom. Alizé was actually walking toward the bedroom with the booty! I made some noises in the kitchen and H.A. got up and he saw Alizé with the stuff in her mouth.


Anyway. Talking about being sick, today is the anniversary of the last case of smallpox in the world! Everybody getting shots (bleah!) actually wiped out a disease! It almost makes you want to go get all kinds of shots, huh?

No, probably not.

Then there's this. Military dogs now have their own hospital! That's pretty neat! And a good place to end this blog entry.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Apple Day!

Alizé and Tucker napping

Alizé is a copydog!


Thanks to michael j pastor for his comment!

So it couldn't be the Briggs-Briggs-Myers test. But it could be the Briggs-Myers-Briggs. Or just the MBTI. Which sounds kinda like a transportation agency.

Today is Apple Day! Someplace. No apples here, yet. But I'm watching for them!

And happy birthday to Alfred Nobel. He's a famous Swede. Because his father invented the modern way to make plywood. Which can be used to make dog houses.

Also happy birthday to Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He explored near Antacrtica!
And now there came both mist and snow,
And it grew wondrous cold:
And ice, mast-high, came floating by,
As green as emerald.

And through the drifts the snowy clifts
Did send a dismal sheen:
Nor shapes of men nor beasts we ken--
The ice was all between.
Speaking of ships. Happy Float Day to the grand old lady of the seas! The USS Constitution! She had a difficult birth and got stuck. But on October 21 she glided (glode?) into Boston Harbor.

Anyway. I was going to talk about Alizé's eating disorder. But I don't really have time now. Not if the Human Assistant is going to get this posted today.

If he doesn't get it posted today then we'll have to change stuff. Like
Happy birthday, Dizzy Gillespie!
So I'll just save it for next time.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Alaska Day!

Alizé was supposed to write this time. She has stuff she wants to talk about. Maybe one of Sinjin's "wEirD tHiNgS." I dunno.

But she's kinda busy tonight. She got into food she wasn't supposed to eat. So her blood sugar went up. Which made her real thirsty. I don't know why it works that way, but the Human Assistant says it does.

So she's been drinking, I dunno, gallons of water tonight. And then guess what she has to do?

George C. Scott as Gen. Turgidson in the movie Dr. Strangelove So I'll dictate this one to H.A.

Which is only right.

To quote a big blond doofus who happens to be right once in a while, it's Tucker's blog!

Alaska is really lucky. It must get three or four birthdays every year!

There's one in March to celebrate when the Russians signed the papers to sell Alaska to America. Then there's one today for when the Russians actually let America have the Alaskan territory.

I'll bet they have another one for when it became a state. And maybe even another day for when one of the mining camps burned down. To celebrate the invention of Baked Alaska.

Maybe. I dunno.

I hope that got you into the mood to celebrate. Because I'm just gonna mention a bunch of birthdays, is all. Pick one or two and have yourselves a pawty!

Happy birthday, D.T. Suzuki. Apparently he didn't sell motorcycles. Unless there was one called the Zen. Which is something he made popular in America.

Also happy birthday to Isabel Briggs Myers. She was the Myers in Myers-Briggs. Her mother was the Briggs. Isabel was a Briggs too, until she married Myers. Why wasn't the Myers-Briggs called the Briggs-Myers-Briggs? I guess so it wouldn't sound like a double play in baseball. Or maybe the Myers-Briggs-Briggs.

Happy birthday Charles Edward Anderson Berry. If you don't know who I'm talkin' about, I just got one thing to say - Johnny B. Goode!

George C. Scott as Gen. Turgidson in the movie Dr. Strangelove Happy birthday, General Turgidson and General Patton

Gilligan's Mary Ann.

Mork's Mindy.

The transistor radio.

Animal-rights advocate Martina Navrátilová.

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, also known as Mussels and Brussel Sprouts.

Or something like that. I dunno. Read the article.


-- images gratefully linked to at http://www.digital-artz.com/images/UserFiles/drsl1.jpg and http://photos23.flickr.com/26170096_383b6358db_o.jpg


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The real #300

This is the real post #300. That's because it's Tucker's blog! And Tucker's blog started with post #2! (To paraphrase Tucker.)

Hey-o! Sinjin here! A couple of weird things happened today.

Some kind of car or truck zipped past our house with its siren going. No, that's not very weird. But out in the garage, somedoggy started howling with the siren! And somedoggy else woood just a little.

Now according to the Big Guy, he's never had a doggy sing with sirens, so I don't know who was out in our garage! I do know that Tucker and Alizé weren't in the house with me!

Sometimes at night you can hear sirens go down the highway that's about a mile down the hill from our house. Then you can hear Yip! yip! yip! from the creek that's next to the highway and also from across the hill about a mile away.

BG says that they're coyotes, which are like wolves, which are like dogs. He says wolves howl, so why don't coyotes howl? Maybe they're not so much like dogs as he thinks.

Hey! Maybe there were coyotes in our garage and they really howled! You think? Or maybe it was a couple of visiting wolves! Oooh!

Let's see. What was the other weird thing? Siren, howl, woo, yip, coyotes, wolves.... I dunno, I can't remember.

Maybe next time, huh? Bye for now!


Oh yeah. Happy birthday to the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, which eventually made the movies White Fang, Snow Dogs, Eight Below, and other stuff.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yes, ladles and jellyspoons and dogs of every type! It's post #300! The Human Assistant said we should do group photos. So we did. With a little turkey for encouragement.

Sinjin, Alizé, and Tucker want treats!
United we stand.
Tucker, Sinjin, and Alizé at rest
Divided we nap.

(That's Meeshka and Loki on the computer screen. Reinhusky on top. He's been sitting there since last Christmas. He's getting very tired!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

You may already be a wiener (dog)!

The wieners have been announced in the Denver's Luckiest Mutt calendar contest!!! Like our friend Minky!!!

And, uh, Alizé and Sinjin. So big whoopdeedo to those two, too.

We voted for seven of the 15 winning dogs. No, we didn't vote for Alizé or Sinjin! (We weren't allowed to.) I suppose we would have if we could have. Them being Siberian Huskies and all.

Unfortunately, the genuine wiener dog wasn't a winner this year. Neither were the other Siberian Huskies in the contest.

Neither was Minky's brother, Moey. Even though we voted for him. I guess the rest of Minky's family didn't enter the contest. But you can see them on dogster on Minky's page or Moey's page or Benny's page, or.... You get the idea. Hope to see them in next year's contest!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calendar contest

This was supposed to get posted yesterday. But. You know how that goes.

Alizé's contest photo, slightly cropped
Who's a lucky mutt?
Sinjin's contest photo, slightly cropped
Me!  Me!

Here's another example of no important news. No news about me. It's time again for the Denver's Luckiest Mutts calendar contest. Guess who the Human Assistant didn't put in the contest? Again?

But Alizé and Sinjin get to compete. Phooey.

Now H.A. says he's sorry he didn't enter me. But it's too late. Voting's even supposed to be over by now. So I have to wait another whole year.

You can see last year's Siberian Husky calendar boy in a post from a few months ago.

Two of H.A.'s pictures don't show up anymore in that post. There's just a rectangle with some words. They were on zootoo and now they're not. I think H.A. still has them on his computer, so I'll get him to make them show up again.


Happy birthday one day late to Fridtjof Nansen. He was an arctic explorer. With sleds and dogs and stuff. He was also a real smart guy who observed weird stuff with the ocean and nerve cells. Nansen was also a diplomat. So three cheers for another Scandihoovian!

-- photos by Nicole Howard


Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm back, sorta

There wasn't much news this summer. Except about Alizé. But I mean important news. News about me!

Here's an example of what I mean. Notice who's in two photos, and notice who's in only one!

Tucker and Alizé napping in garage
Me in a relaxed mood
Alizé outside the doggy den
Alizé outside the doggy den

The biggest important news this summer was when the Human Assistant left me in my crate too long one day. Then he put me in the tub and washed my legs and tummy and stuff. That really wasn't a fun day.

The Human Assistant wouldn't help with the blog even by making up stuff because for a couple of months he wasn't feeling all that great. He said he was Le Thargíc. Is that French? He thinks changing his medicine might have been a problem.

Then he felt better. But instead of helping with the blog he's been paying too much attention to stupid human news. Grrr!

Well, here's one thing. Today is Leif Ericson Day. Again. H.A. says it snuck up on him. Again. No, Leif Ericson didn't have Siberian Huskies on his boats. So who cares?

Well, the H.A. is half Swedish. He says there wouldn't be Russians if it weren't for Scandihoovians. And if there weren't Russians, there wouldn't be a Russia. And if there weren't a Russia, then Americans wouldn't have had anywhere to go for sled dogs to bring to Alaska and call Siberian Huskies.

Or something like that. If he doesn't come up with something better, I may be too disgusted to write another post. So we'll see.

But thanks everydoggy who stopped by to say hello! It was nice! It made H.A. feel guilty! I got to post again!