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Sunday, April 20, 2008


I notice that Tucker didn't tell what happened after the Big Guy put hamburger in our dinner bowls!


The Guy had to go to another room for a minute and leave out on the counter the rest of the 5 pounds of burger, which was for MaxFund dogs, plus the grease he poured into a bowl. When BG came back, guess who had his paws on the counter?

(Hint: His name starts with T and ends with ER and has UCK in the middle!)

The BG thought he was eating the MaxFund hamburger, so he swooped in and told that other dog to get down. But as it happens, he wasn't eating hamburger ... he was drinking grease!

BG said, "That's a different story. Okay. Go ahead and do it some more and let me take your picture." To give Tucker credit, he rarely rarely counter-surfs, so there aren't any pictures of him doing it. And BG has felt like a second-class Siberian person without any pictures of us counter-surfing!

That is, of Tucker counter-surfing. I, of course, am too mature for that sort of thing.

But would Tucker put his paws on the counter again? No-sir-ee-bob. He looked at BG. He looked at the counter. He looked at BG. He sat. He must have been thinking, "Look, I'm sitting! Give me some!" BG walked into the next room again to tempt Tucker. Tucker just sat there. See that big grin on his face?

I went in and sniffed at the counter. It smelled pretty good! But I didn't get up there into the other doggies' stuff. And I don't mean just the meat. BG was saving the grease to put on Lucy's kibble on days when she dilly-dallies around and doesn't get started on her food until we're already done. Even Gremlin's willing to eat Lucy's food for her. With a little added burger flavor on it, Lucy doesn't stand around and wait to dig in.

In fact, Lucy tried to get at the stuff on the counter. But I don't think she was q..u..i..t..e tall enough to get into it. But I'm not sure. But then! Who should come snuffling around like a roly poly bear stocking up for a long, lean winter?

I'd leave it to your imagination, but in fact there is photographic evidence:

Tucker sits in front of the counter
Not while you're watching!
Sinjin looks at the counter
Smells good!
Lucy checks the counter
Tucker looks up at the counter
He's out of the room, now....

Tucker checks the counter



By the way, Tucker, I noticed that you also didn't mention that bite on your ear. You sure showed Lucy who's the boss of her dinner bowl!

Nyuk nyuk nyuk!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

See - I KNEW woo were not the model citizen you pawsented yourself to be!

The H.A. khaught woo Red-paw'ed and hindlegged!!

Sweet Sinjin woooo'd neFUR do anything like that - no wonder Lucy showed woo who's da boss!!!


Thor said...

Don't feel bad Tucker! I've been caught in the act too--many times! But Mama only had the camera on hand ONCE!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Rut Ro!!! Tucker, I don't think you should turn your back on the human man anymore. Eyes on him at all times.

Kapp pack said...

Uh oh! Well, at least you weren't stealing from the less fortunate!

WOo woo, KA