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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Closing Pandora's box

Sinjin here!

Okay, so Lucy won't be going to live with Wally the Corgi. His family's concerned about Wally getting into that pond, which would be not good at all!

The Big Guy suggested filling it with sand and a rock or two, √† la karesansui (which Wikipedia's article says is "sometimes mistakenly called a Zen garden" ... by the Big Guy, for example!  ).

But this is no good either because the family wants a moving-water pond, and they just installed it last year.

Even as I dictate this to BG, I can hear Sibe people clucking their tongues and even laughing. Gardens (and the landscaping in general) belong to dogs, and people are only occasionally allowed to work in them!

photo from Wikipedia
Wally-type dog
photo from Wikipedia
Badger Hound

I think maybe these low-slung dogs (and Wally is lower to the ground than the one in the picture) could be kept out by a low barrier. A Wally Wall!    And unlike hounds that go digging into tunnels to chase badgers (which you can see cute pictures of here, here, and no doubt elsewhere), Wally probably wouldn't be a risk for digging under the wall.

So now comes the question: Will Wally stay out of the pond now that he's seen Lucy in there?

Hope so!


1 comment:

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Or khan you lead a khanine to water and only expect them to take a drink and stay on the farm after they've been to the big city?

Khontinued good lukhk with making sure Lucy stays with YOU - we know what is what woo really want!