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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The All-new Sinjin

Sinjin here! Check this out:

Sinjin from front after grooming
Can you tell a difference?
Sinjin from back after grooming
How about now?

The Big Guy has been working on photos, so he hasn't really had time to post. I know, Tucker doesn't really think that's a good excuse. Maybe Tucker should go on a hunger strike!

Also, B.G. has been figuring out Photobucket and Picasa. Listen, if anydoggy knows how to put the same tag on a bunch of photos at the same time in Picassa, let him know. He uploaded 32 photos and put Sametag#1 on all 32, one by one. Then Sametag#2 on each of the 32.

Then Sametag#3 on half of them. Then Sametag#4 on the other half.... The more time he spends on baloney like that, the less time he has for typing. And you know what that means!

(You do, don't you? It means shorter, fewer blogs. Like this week!)

So Friday was my day to visit Diane the groomer. The B.G. did his "I'm leaving" routine, and Tucker did his "The Human Assistant's leaving" routine. He (that is, Tucker) wooos and hops up and down and generally gets all excited and annoying.

When B.G. does the final getting-ready step, which is putting jangly things in his front-left pocket and a black, square-ish nylon thing in his back-left pocket, Tucker runs to his crate and wooos some more. Then B.G. opens two packages of chewy treats, and Tucker runs from the crate to the kitchen to check on B.G., then back to his crate, then back to the kitchen.... Good grief!

Well, so B.G. opened two packages of treats, which amounts to four treats, but he didn't give me one! Instead, he snapped on my leash, and for a minute there I forgot about the treat. So did Lucy. She came running to the door and wanted to go for a ride too. I was about to go get her treat, but B.G. sorta had things under control, including me.

So he and I got in the Jeep. He has to help me up, which I don't like very much so I have to snarl and yelp and whatnot. We went for a ride. Then we parked and walked down an alley and back, and I peed here and there and stared at this one dog that acted like it wanted to chew through its fence and start something. Then we went into Diane's salon.

Well, B.G. left! Diane gave me a bath, which was pretty nice. Then she used this really loud fan, and that was okay. Then she put me on this table that lifts up away from the floor and I got scared and peed on her. And a little on me, so I got another bath.

She got me on that table again and started combing and brushing and combing me. Lots! All over! Well, that was enough of that! So I wiggled and squirmed and tried to get away, but I couldn't because Diane had straps around me and stuff. I made it as hard as possible to keep combing, but she kept combing, so I kept moving around and trying to get away.

Finally she was done and she put me back on the solid floor. She has some funny crates in her salon that are solid on all sides except the front. The biggest one's door wasn't quite closed all the way, so I nudged it open and went in and flopped down.

Finally B.G. came back, smelling like he ate some chicken and salad stuff, and Diane asked him if I hang out in crates at home. Well of course not! At home when he wants to comb me, I wiggle around and get away from him. And when he puts the comb away and sits down at the computer or goes outside or whatever, then I follow him around.

Well, I guess I do hang out under the computer desk when he's there. Diane's crate reminded me of that except that the computer desk doesn't have a door, and B.G. wasn't sitting next to Diane's crate. But it's pretty much the same otherwise.

I was sure tired, let me tell you! And for some reason the B.G. lifted and pushed me into the Jeep even harder than before, and I liked it even less than before. But then we came home and I spent a lot of time resting up from all that standing and wiggling around. I almost missed nighttime treat time because I was so tired and was sacked out in the bedroom. But B.G. brought me a nice smelly little chewy thing and said to come to the kitchen and get more medi-treats.

I still had enough energy to spit pills out, so I went out to the kitchen to see whether we were getting them in turkey slices or in peanut butter. I don't like the peanut butter very much, and more pills seem to slip past me when we have it.

But it was turkey and I spit out the medicine three times and then decided I should go outside because B.G. looked like he was gonna shove the pills down my throat again. But surprise! He just told me I was a good boy and that we were all done. That was kinda weird, but oh well.

The peanut butter might be helping my coat somewhat. It (my coat, that is) was brittle and wiry along my backbone when I came here. I also get a tiny pill to help my thyroid, and that might be helping my coat too. But after the bath and brushing, the B.G. says it feels softer than ever. So that's good that he's happy with it, anyway. I didn't mind the bath at all, but if I have to get brushed and combed to keep the coat soft, then I say that brittleness is the new black.

But whatever. I heard B.G. setting up a grooming session for Tucker for next Friday. That'll be interesting!



Kapp pack said...

Sinjin, you look even more handsome than before!

Woo woo, KA

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh Yes!

KA soooooo woo'd the truth!!

Hope you are planning on EXTRA napping to make up for you Big Adventure!!!


PeeEss: Khan't wait to see the magikhk that nice Diane lady works on the khranky one - I mean Tukhker! Woo!

The Army of Four said...

Sinjin, you look GREAT!
Ha rooooo!

Anonymous said...

You look very handsome, Sinjin. And still fluffy...


Minky said...

You look GREAT, Mr. Sinjin!! Did the wonderful Ms. Diane give you a hot oil treatment, or would that have been too girly for you?

When I was getting those icky weekly lime-sulfur dips, I tried to proclaim that sarcoptic mange was the new black. But I didn't get very far with that!