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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Following the leader

Tucker and cat ignore each other
Vigilance, the price of peace.
Lucy and Sinjin crowd around
No pushing and shoving!
Dogs lined up, watching cat
All right, then.
Tucker and cat by themselves again
Dialing down the intensity.

Awhile back I had some pictures of Lucy and the east-side neighborcat. (Except the cat wasn't in the pictures.)

I also mentioned that Lucy did a home visit. But I forgot to mention that those people had a cat!

That cat hides in the basement when there are visitors. Lucy sniffed around the house like she does. Of course she must have smelled the cat.

But she didn't obsess over it. Didn't want to go find it. Just came back and plopped down by the Human Assistant when she was done.

So it wasn't real clear what Lucy would do with a cat she could get to. Well, maybe it's still not. But now we have more pictures!

This is a different cat from the one that wasn't in the east-side views. This is the west-side cat, I guess. I don't remember seeing it before. The pictures don't look normal 'cause the H.A. tried to make the kitty's face at least part-way visible. (Click to see the bigger views.)

So I sat there and the cat sat there. Then Lucy and Sinjin came up and the cat just stayed there. Then we moved around and the cat just stayed there. Then Lucy and Sinjin went away and the cat just stayed there.

But when the cat decided to leave ... woooo doggies! ... we all went a running after it!

'Cause we were playing follow-the-leader. Not 'cause we were chasing the cat. Which we already could have done.

H.A. didn't get a picture of that, of course. Us just playfully running along, following the leader. Innocently letting the cat know we enjoyed his visit.

See you later, kittygator!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...




The Army of Four said...

Does that cat have a death wish or something?
PS: Don't tell Stormy I said that!

Anonymous said...

Wooo! Cat! I love my cat sister. Maybe you all will love that cat?

Kapp pack said...

Cat chases are fun!

Woo woo, KA

Thor said...

What a pretty cat, mama says! I don't mind cats, if they don't mind me, and neither do Smoky and Bandit, but we don't know about LeeLee!