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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lucy's week

I don't know why the Human Assistant hasn't had much time to help with the blog lately. Too much shopping, maybe. Two or three times to get medicine for himself. A couple of times to get medicine for dogs. Green beans for me. Diet Coke for him. I dunno.

Anyway. All of a sudden people are asking about Lucy! Thinking they may want to adopt her from MaxFund. We got four emails about her this past week! And one or maybe two phone calls!

I mentioned last time that Lucy went to visit one set of people. Haven't heard back from them. But she's going to visit another set today (Sunday).

We'll see if anything happens. Maybe they won't adopt her because she needs a bath! H.A. has been putting that off. And now MaxFund's main volunteer groomer is on vacation.

So like I said, we'll see.

Guess what? We had a heat wave Saturday! It's been getting warmer and warmer the last few days. But Saturday it was 74°!!! That's the hottest it's been in Denver on March 1 in 136 years! Which is all they have records for.

Guess what else? There's a 90% chance of snow on Sunday!

Of course Lucy was outside looking for neighborcat. We decided that that's who she's hunting. She actually saw him in our yard a few days ago. She can run pretty fast for being short! But the cat was right next to the fence. zwooop! and it was gone.

So here are pictures of Lucy hunting neighborcat in the record heat wave.

Lucy in bushes, close-up
Lucy tracks neighborcat!
Lucy in bushes, long view
On the beaten path.
Lucy looking away from bushes
"Not now, I'm busy!"
Lucy, Sinjin look but Gremlin doesn't
Not all are vigilant.

Yes, I poked around too. Lucy gets so into it that I have to check on what she's doing. But I wandered off before H.A. got the camera fired up.

I'm still not feeling so good. I stopped coughing because H.A. gave me a couple of doses of pregna-zone. Maybe I have a little fever. All I know is that sinus massages sure felt good today! I'm gonna finish up with the pills from the dokker's Auntie Bio-Tic.

I wonder if one of Granny's potions or poultices would work better?

Anyway. That's all for now!



Minky said...

Too much shopping, maybe.

And don't forget your HA bought, packaged up, and delivered 30 pounds of meat, wonderful meat, for the Maxfund doggies!! Much appreciated, of course, but that had to cut into your blogging time, too, Tucker!

CONGRATULATIONS to your HA for being named March's Volunteer of the Month by Maxfund!! Well-deserved!!

Kapp pack said...

Paws crossed for Lucy! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Woo woo, KA