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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Her again!

Tucker in crate, Sinjin in car seat
A place for everything....
Sinjin here! Don't listen to what Tucker says. He's a big red crabapple!

He had to ride by himself yesterday because the Big Guy didn't want any fights in the car!

On Wednesday B.G. took both Lucy and me to meet Mika!

Just when he went inside, another volunteer was getting Mika and Scooby ready to go to the yard. So they came out together.

Sinjin and MaxFund's Mika check each other
"Take yer partner 'round the bend!"
Sinjin and MaxFund's Mika and Scooby
"Add one more and 'round again!"

Remember goofy Scooby? He and Mika are in the same kennel at the shelter because they were found together. Lived together, actually, until their family moved and forgot to load 'em into the car.

Mika's folder says they should be adopted together, but they don't seem very attached. Not at all, that the B.G.'s seen.

Scooby and I mostly ignored each other, but one time he decided he wanted to scrap. The other volunteer got us stopped before B.G. could take a picture.

Sinjin and Mika sniff
"Let yer partner sniff yer neck!"
Sinjin and Mika look at each other
"Form an angle, what the heck!"
Mika sniffs Sinjin again
"Let her sniff yer ear an' then!"
Mika sniffs Sinjin yet again
"Let her sniff yer face again!"

The B.G. took a couple of pictures of Lucy, and he'll probably post them another time. They aren't really all that great. He took 38 photos. Some have to be stinko!

In fact, I see lots of repetition in them. Mika over here and me over there. Me over here and Mika over there. Mika following me from over here to over there.

She's a sweet kid, but I'm not all that interested in her. I guess she didn't try as hard to climb on me as she did Tucker, but she thought about it once or twice.

Mika followed B.G. around, too, wanting something to happen. Petting or treats or something, I'm not sure. Of course she ignored the ball that the other volunteer threw. Goofy Scooby ignored it too! Too much excitement with four dogs and two humans, I guess.

So it was a nice ride. Cooler today and overcast, so Lucy and I weren't hugely thirsty like Tucker was on his trip. Turbo, I saw the bowl. It's a little plastic thing, and only one of Tucker's paws would've fit. And it would've turned over pretty easily. He was probably too thirsty to spill the water!

That's all for today. Who knows what'll happen tomorrow‽‽‽


-- edited by Big Guy 11/20/2009 to correct photo caption


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Hmmmmm -

Me thinks your H.A. has something up his sleeves!


Kapp pack said...

Sinjin is quite the handsome fellow!

Woo woo, KA