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Monday, March 10, 2008

Mika-moo, do you woo?

Lucy and the Human Assistant met Mika and Scooby Saturday at the MaxFund shelter.  The H.A. thinks he remembers that these are pictures of Mika barking. He doesn't remember hearing her wooooo.

MaxFund's Mika's fake woo #1
9.0 for form.
MaxFund's Mika's fake woo #2
Getting sloppy.
MaxFund's Mika's fake woo #3
That looks like a yawn!
MaxFund's Scooby just looks silly

Doesn't Scooby look silly?

He wasn't trying to woo. He had given H.A. a big, goofy, toothy smile that H.A. couldn't take a picture of fast enough. So he asked Scooby to do it again. This is what he got.

But hey, Scoobster! Points for effort! Except that you did it on command. Which isn't really a Sibe thing. But you're not a Sibe, so that's okay.

And stop chasing the tennis ball, okay?

Somebody else told H.A. that Mika does wooooo. But not very often. So that's okay too.


Happy Birthday! to ⍃☈⌇∑☂⋮∩◬  [name redacted for privacy and security.]

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