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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fly, flu!

It's boring around here. The Human Assistant decided to get flu symptoms Friday morning.

He's been feeding us. But he says he can't stand up long enough to give us our medi-treats. And he hasn't gone anywhere. So we don't get our here's-​a-​treat-​let-​me-​out-​the-​door goodies.

Sinjin did a horka to show that his tummy was empty. I tore up an envelope.

I didn't eat all of it. I usually don't. I was more bored than hungry, really. The H.A. picked up the pieces and went back to bed. So I got another one.

second envelope torn up by Tucker
Envelope #2
Sinjin eats some envelope
Sinjin tries a sample

I was glad to see that Sinjin tried some too. Not that he tore one up for himself. But he has possibilities. There's a little black fur in the background of the picture. Lucy didn't eat any of the envelope.

But I let them try some if they wanted. Then I plopped back down again.

Tucker lies down with envelope pieces
Let's see now....
Tucker looks up after eating a piece

Then H.A. decided we'd better get our medi-treats after all. Gremlin gets pretty annoying when I don't get my Pregna-Zone.

So I guess H.A. is feeling a little better. He wants to eat something but he doesn't know what. We don't care! Just pick something so we can have some too!

But he always thinks that maybe he's sick from food. Or that food will make things worse. Sheesh! How could food make anything worse

Anyway. What else? Mika and Scooby were adopted Friday. So I can stop worrying about the thing Khyra was thinking about.

That's all for now. I hope something interesting happens now!



Minky said...

Oh-oh! I hope your HA just has kennel cough or something like that! Drink some chicken soup and get well soon, Mr. Ed!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Ha roo rooo ROOOO - I like how Minky thinks: kennel khough!

Good to see Mika and Skhooby got adopted but DANG I was kinda looking furward to more griping from woo about another Sibe in da house!!

Keep up the good work!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon Mr. Ed. How about some chicken broth with brown rice? That may cure what ails you...


Kapp pack said...

Our little biped has the yucky flu! Mom had to come home early and pick her up and she's been getting all of mom's attention. Pregna-zone??? You're not having puppies are you??? DO I need to contact the Guinness Book????

WOo woo, KA

BTW- The cram-it-all really helped me last week!