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Sunday, March 30, 2008

When barking isn't enough

Does this sound familiar to anydoggy?

He had ripped open my pillow and its case, so a white snow of down covered my bed and most of the cabin floor. He'd pulled four pairs of shoes and a pair of cowboy boots out of the closet, and he'd managed to dismantle and devour the better part of one of the boots and all of the shoes. He'd overturned a big potted plant, pulled the vegetation out by the roots, and dug to the bottom of the pot, spreading soil in a wide wake, then tracking brown prints everywhere, including across the top of the small kitchen table. The two chairs that normally sat tucked beneath the table were both turned on their sides, and the backrest of one of them had a good dent where the corner had been chewed off. There were deep grooves where he'd scratched the inside of the door and the wood on the windowsills, probably trying to get out.

No, it wasn't me! I don't know when I've ever been in a cabin! Here's a later episode:

He'd scratched more grooves into the inside of the door and raided the kitchen counters, turning over my coffeemaker and canisters of sugar and coffee and breaking a glass that had been left beside the sink. He'd tugged my leather jacket off the coatrack and chewed through the cuff of one sleeve, then peed on the lining. And he'd raided my laundry basket, pulling out all the dirty clothes, focusing especially on a pair of recently worn panties, which he had ripped to shreds. In the bathroom, he'd torn down the blind from the window next to the shower and chomped holes in a bottle of body lotion, my bath pillow, and a plastic tube of shower gel. He'd gathered all his objects of devastation into the center of the one main room and heaped them in a pile.

Pretty cool rampages, huh? Know anydoggy like that? Of course you do! Even though the writer also said, "This is a work of fiction, and the characters herein are figments of the author's imagination, representing no one." Which is okay. Because humans aren't always being nice when they call you a character.

Anyway. I don't think anydoggy needs an explanation of what happened, write? I mean, right? But the author included one anyway:

The ranger who had worked with me on the adoption process had warned me about wolves' separation anxiety and urged me to keep Mountain with me as much as I possibly could. "To wolves, abandonment is death. They're pack animals, they never spend any time alone unless they're put out of the pack. When that happens, unless they find another family that will accept them, they die. Wolves hunt together, raise their young in community, and are very social. They mate for life, and they're fiercely loyal to their pack. Don't leave him unconfined if you have to leave him for any length of time. These animals are tremendously destructive, and he'll take his anger out on the things around him for what he perceives as your abandonment."

So that's where it comes from! Humans sealed their doom on this subject when they decided that dogs are a subspecies of wolf!

The quotes are from the book Wild Indigo by Sandi Ault. The Human Assistant bought the paperback at the grocery store. He also saw it at Barnes & Noble. So ignore what Amazon says about "Currently unavailable."

You can read about the real-life Mountain on the author's website.

But be warned! The author forces you to listen to music she wrote when you go to her website. This could make pages load slowly! And it's rude to have no button to turn it off. Even when it's nice music.

But maybe you'll want to woo along to the music!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I'm sure all of woo are working on adding some of those trikhks to your repetoires!


Thor said...

We would NEVER do such things! What happened to innocence until guilt is proven??!