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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It's warm and sunny today. Borrring.

The Human Assistant gave some of his clothes a bath. Now they're pinned to some wires in the yard. He says Lucy really needs a bath. Will he pin her to the wires?

Her black fur would dry really fast today! It gets hot in the sun! We don't have much air between us and the sun. So more of the heat comes all the way through.

Does anydoggy say naughty things when they howl? Years and years ago a man wrote a poem called "Howl". On this day in history American government humans grabbed a bunch of books that the poem was in. They said it was too naughty for Americans to read.

I don't think they chewed any of them. I probably would have tried one or two.

A couple of years later a different government human said the book was okay. Even if it was naughty. Americans should be able to read it. Or chew it, I suppose. But I don't think there are many humans who chew books. Not adults, anyway.

I'm under the computer table while H.A. types this. He keeps telling me to get off his mouse cable. But Lucy's on my favorite pad. And I'm just taking a nap. 'Cause it's so borrring today.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Woo khan khome to PA!

I'll see it isn't booooooring here!!


Minky said...

Boring is good. We like boring!

Thor said...

I clicked on the link to "Howl", and it didn't howl at me or anything! What's up with that? Humans are weird.