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Thursday, March 27, 2008

4,300 minks?

Or 430 ostriches? Which would annoy your neighbors more?

I thought humans could read. But maybe sometimes there's too much to read. But for sure humans should probably read the things called zoning ordinances before starting up an animal rescue!

Here's a news story. Some silly humans thought they could house 40 dogs just because they had 43 acres in beautiful Colorado.

Sadly,  NOT.

The area is zoned for homes. Maximum of 4 dogs per home. Neighbors can get snooty when you have more dogs than you're "supposed" to have. Especially when the homes are estates.

Actually, if they were really estates, I bet neighbors wouldn't give doo-doos. But these are estates where you have to tell the humans that they're estates. So they know they're getting their money's worth.

Now, if they had horses, that would be different! Everybody knows you can have horses on estates. It, like, makes them even better estates! Especially if your neighbor has horses so you don't have to.

When you invite your snooty "friends" to visit, they can see (and smell) the neighbors' horses. Then they think, "Wow, these really are estates!

The news story makes it sound like they can have 2 horses per acre. I'm not sure the neighbors would really like 86 horses there. Would that be better than 40 dogs? How could it be?

If you want a really unique estate, you can have buffaloes. Real ones! Alive ones! Wouldn't your neighbors (and their "friends") be impressed by 86 buffaloes? I sure would!

(Would anydoggy reading this want to chase the buffaloes? They get pretty big!)

But wait, there's more! How about 10 ostriches per acre?  WOW!  Would they be great to chase or what‽‽‽

I'll bet 430 ostriches would really make an impression on your neighbors!

But wait, there's even more! In this great neighborhood, these humans could have  4,300 minks!  What would that smell like‽‽‽

I hope that these kind-hearted people can find a way to keep their rescue running. The Human Assistant says it wouldn't be good to help them by contacting lots of ostrich or mink farms. And asking if they could spare hundreds or thousands of animals. Just to make a point.

"Keep your eye on the ball," he says. Which is a really stupid thing to say to a Sibe. But I guess I get his meaning. If a human throws a ball at you, you don't want to get hit in the head. It would be bad for you!

And bad for the humans with the dog rescue. In case their neighbors started throwing balls at them. I don't know why they would. But humans do lots of strange things.

The H.A. also says 4,300 minks reminds him of the book Gorky Park. And the movie, too. Well, whatever.

Thanks to Laura Albin of SIBERNET and Polaris Siberian Husky Rescue for the link to the article.


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