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Friday, March 14, 2008

This is Lucy

Lucy covered with grass
This is Lucy on grass.
Mika with a blade of grass on her nose
No-snow nose.

That's dopey. That's grass on Lucy. From when she and Sinjin went to visit Mika and Scooby on Wednesday. She forgot to shake herself off before she got back in the car.

You can see her when she does shake off on her dogster page.

The Human Assistant says it's a joke about an ad from back when he watched TV.  Har.  He says, "That's dopey" is a joke too.  Har. Har.

The other picture is grass on Mika. Obviously Mika has a more refined personality. Because she's a Sibe. Click the picture to see her nose better.

Lucy got to go to MaxFund again on Thursday. A lady wanted to meet her. She said Lucy looks almost exactly like her last dog. Except Koda's muzzle was blockier. More like the Retriever example picture on Lucy's dogster page.

The meeting went well. Lucy kissed the Lady. She doesn't kiss the Human Assistant. Lucy, that is. The lady neither, I guess. Lucy may like women better than men.

I think this lady would give Lucy a great home! I mean, Lucy's okay here. She doesn't really bother me. But she'd probably be happier someplace that she felt like kissing the people. Seems to me.

We'll have to see what happens. Maybe the lady would take Sinjin too! The H.A. doesn't think so. He said the lady wasn't interested in Mika. Well sure. Mika's a girl! I'm sure the lady'd love a big handsome  ​::cough::  ​lug like Sinjin! Seems to me.

Anyway. We'll see.


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Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Khome on Tukhker -

There is MORE than ENOUGH room with the H.A. for YOU and THE OTHER SIBES!

Tsk - we are supposed to what to keep our own kind!