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Sunday, March 9, 2008


MaxFund had an Adopt-a-thon Saturday. This isn't exactly about me. But it's about having less dogginess in my house.

MaxFund Adopt-a-thon, looking north
Adopt-a-thon, looking north.
MaxFund Adopt-a-thon, looking south
Adopt-a-thon, looking south.

The Adopt-a-thon had a theme, sorta. Disney re-released the old movie 101 Dalmations on CD. So they provided stuff. Balloons and giant stuffed Pongos.

The first 101 people (::SIGH::  if only!) to adopt a dog got Disney swag. Like a little bowl and a little retractable leash and a little plastic lid for open cans of food.

Canned food!  ::mmmmm!::

Disney give-aways
Disney goodies.
Lucy meets a Dalmation
"I don't like black dogs!"

MaxFund got a real Dalmation to come. The shelter actually has one, Buddy, but I guess he doesn't do well with crowds or kids or something. He's in a foster home.

This dog's name was Lacey. Or Lacy. The Human Assistant forgot to ask which. Her mom said that Lacey doesn't like black dogs. But Lacey sorta wanted to meet Lucy. Then she'd sit down again and grumble at her. H.A. and the mom couldn't hear Lacey growling, but the lady said she could feel Lacey's leash vibrating.

Lucy went to the Adopt-a-thon to see if she could ... get adopted! One of the people who emailed us about her last week was there by coincidence. So she spent some time with Lucy. She may be interested. Maybe.

Lucy meets two small dogs
"The dark-gray is mean."
One of the dogs doesn't like Lucy
Oops - gotta go!

Hey! Is that the Jock from Lady and the Tramp? Uh-oh! He noticed Lucy! Oh well, he didn't like Tramp at first, either.

Dogs Mika and Scooby at the shelter
Mika and Scooby.
Lucy ignores Scooby and Mika
"Lucy's ignoring us!"

Lucy also met two abandoned dogs. Their family left them at their house when they moved. Somebody said it was one of those deals where the humans didn't have enough money to keep the house.

Lucy can be be kinda a snob. Here Scooby and Mika want to meet her. And she just ignores them! How do you get adopted that way?

So that's the news about the Adopt-a-thon. Lucy didn't get adopted. She got really tired, though. She came back and just dropped asleep and didn't follow the H.A. around the house. Dopey Sinjin does that enough for both of them, anyway.


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