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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Food guarding

The Human Assistant says Lucy is squirrely. But not like a real squirrel. We saw one a couple of days ago. It was on the pole in our back yard.

Me 'n' Lucy 'n' Sinjin ran down to watch it. This time Lucy didn't bark bark bark at it. We just watched it run up the pole. We got a giggle when he started yelling at us.  ​

But Lucy is squirrely because she guards food. Two nights ago the H.A. had to go buy food because we were all out.

[mr_ed:  Except for a couple of months' worth of canned and dehydrated, plus 40 pounds of Milk-Bones, 24 pounds of beef patties, and 30 pounds of hot dogs. But some of that is for MaxFund doggies....]

So here's Lucy guarding the food H.A. brought home. It's the only time she lies there. Except when her bowl is there and she's full but there's still food left. She guards her bowl then. Even when she's not hungry anymore and I am.  ​

Lucy, bag of food, Sinjin
Go away, Sinjin.
Lucy, bag of food, Sinjin still
I said, go away.
Lucy, Sinjin more interested in bag of food

But she does this with the bags every time! The only way to make her stop is to pour the food into a bin. Weird, huh?

H.A. also bought two new pads. He put a big fluffy one in the bedroom so old Sinjin wouldn't have to lie on the bare wood floor. And a foam one in the computer room. It feels funny. He says it's an egg crate. But no eggs.

So now there are three pads in the computer room. Because lots of times there are four doggies there.  ​  ​That doesn't add up, does it? But I guess he wanted to see if we'd use the new pads. Here I am next to one:

Tucker next to new pad
I'll pass.
Lucy on tile floor with towel, blanket
I'm fine, thanks.
Sinjin on bare wood floor

Lucy has her head on a towel. Sinjin is ignoring the fluffy pad. Nodoggy was all that interested in the new ones.

The next day I came into the bedroom while H.A. was waking up. I pounced on the fluffy bed and grabbed the outside and pulled and grabbed it again and pulled. It was like a giant stuffy toy!

The H.A. laughed. And he said he was really happy to see me playing. Which I don't do very much. Especially since he won't give us stuffy toys. But he wouldn't let me tear up the pad he had just bought.

What a spoil sport!

So I don't want anything to do with the new pads. But the others decided that they'd try them out:

Sinjin mostly on eggcrate pad
I'll give it a shot.
Lucy on fluffy pad
Since you said please!
Gremlin on eggcrate pad
Yeah, not bad.

Lucy is only posing on the fluffy pad. She doesn't use it. When she's in the bedroom she just jumps up on the bed. And Sinjin still just lies on the bare floor. He did try out the egg pad. But mostly Gremlin lies there. When we're all in the computer room.

Then Lucy takes my favorite spot on another pad. Even though that one's for me. The other pad is for her! She knows it's hard for me to get back in that corner! And Sinjin lies under the computer desk.

Where I like to be sometimes. So I head out to the kitchen. Maybe H.A. will buy another couple of pads and put one there. We'll see.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Did woo know how perfekht Sinjin looks with all of woo???

Your HA deserves a big likhk of his face for bringing just love to such a great furella!

Even if WOO do get khranky about him sharing YOUR glory!!!

I'm just sayin'


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Don't Sibes go 200mph?


Yes, falkhonry is way khool!!

Oh well, we are the mercy of our humans - and we know they are stoopid - glad we are a good natured breed!!!

Oh khome on - SlimJim is a sweetie pie!


Indy said...

You all look so happy! It's funny that Lucy stops guarding the food when you pour it into a bin!