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Sunday, November 22, 2009

R.I.P. Sally Violet

foster dog Lucy, later known as Sally Violet
Sally Violet  (Lucy)

You probably remember Lucy. She arrived almost two years ago and was the most-okay of all the dogs that the Human Assistant has ever brought here.

Lucy was always checking things out in the yard. She found really interesting stuff sometimes! I just had to follow her around and see what she got her nose into. And she never ever annoyed me. Wow!

Lucy was a happy little girl. She made the H.A. smile every single day we took care of her for the shelter. And she almost never annoyed him! (Sometimes it's like humans just look for things to get annoyed about!)

When Lucy got adopted her new mom changed her name to Sally Violet. And her mom is the only one who's written to the H.A. a few times after adopting one of our fosters.

Well, it seemed like all she ever said was that Sally Violet was the most perfect dog ever! But still. We knew that Lucy Sally V. was going places and meeting people and dogs and living a good life!

Sally Violet got cancer and died three weeks ago. It's hard to imagine! She had so much life and energy! When the H.A. would come home, Sally V. would run to the bedroom and jump on the bed and roll around and check to make sure he was paying attention and having as much fun as she was.

I could do that. But why? H.A. doesn't keep treats in the bedroom. And that would be the only reason for a Siberian Husky to act silly like that. But Sally Violet did it because she was happy and it was fun.

She made a big impression around here. She got mentioned in 64 blog postings plus she wrote one herself.

There are pictures in 41 of those postings. (I'm counting on the H.A. to tell me the right numbers, here.) H.A. took lots of pictures back then.

In fact, he went through the computer looking for all his snapshots of Sally V. He said we have 321 of them! Most are no good. Crummy angle or too dark or something. But he'll give copies of them all to Sally V.'s mom so she can do something with them if she wants.

The picture on this posting is one he's never used before. So it took him hours to get it from looking blah to being sorta okay. He had the camera tipped, for one thing.

So he's looked for 321 snapshots, and looked for a few of the better ones, and worked on them, and worked on another project or two.

Also there was lots of sad time. And so three weeks have gone by since we heard from Sally Violet's mom about her dying.

People and dogs all liked Sally Violet. She sure is going to be missed!