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Monday, May 12, 2008

MaxFund swag, 3

Hello, this is Lucy.  No Lucille Ball jokes, please!  I'm not the redhead in this house!

I was upset when my peep took Tucker for a ride on Friday. I wanted to go too! But I had to stay and gnaw on the nummy chew bone treat that we get when he leaves the house. Oh well.

I know they went to MaxFund because they came back with more goodies with MaxFund's name and logo on them. And we had to pose with the things, of course.

Last time Gremmy posed, she was stuck with the crummy water bottles. So this time she got to model a really cool one! Except that the peep said it was a cup, or a mug, even though all the cups and mugs that I've seen have handles and no lids! But that's what he said it was.

Gremmy also got to model a bag of beans. Now, I don't care for beans. Tucky gets long green ones in his bowl instead of real food so he can lose weight. (It really worked for Holly Bolly Banana Boo!) And Gremmy and Sinjy ask for them too. (Sinjy asks for them really loud, like he does for everything.)

But these beans smelled different, and they're little and brown. Well, whatever. I still don't like beans.

BUT!  Take a close look at the bag! There was a contest for naming the bag o' beans, and a contest for designing the label, and GUESS WHAT  My peep won the naming contest!

I'm so proud of him! I think MaxRoast is a strange name, but then I don't like beans even when they're roasted. (Peeps do strange things to food!)

Gremlin smiles with MaxFund travel cup and coffee beans
Look at the cool cup!
Gremlin sniffs MaxFund coffee beans
And the smelly bag....
Lucy chews on a stick
Doo be doo be choo....
Lucy looks up from two carabiner-whistle-flashlights
What are these?

I was chewing on a stick that the peep made for me when he gave me these strange blue things he said were carabiner-​flashlight-​whistles. I didn't know what the heck they were for! But then he picked one up and made it whistle.

I cocked my head. How'd he do that? He showed me a bunch of times.

Lucy looks up
You whistled?
Gremlin grimaces
I heard you, I heard you.
Sinjin makes noise too
Bark bark bark bark bark!
Tucker looks up

I don't know if my peep plans to get anything else from the MaxFund store soon. Hmmm. I could use a pretty new tag.... I hope I get to go with him next time!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My mom loves brown beans -

She makes khoughie with 'em -

I don't know why she wants to khough - I mean, don't they give us shots fur that so we don't?


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


She needed brown beans -

I used the plastikh khard and bought her some!


The Army of Four said...

COFFEE!?! Is that COFFEE?!?! I LOVE COFFEE! Even if it IS on the K9 Forbidden Foods list. "Hrumph," as Ammy would say.
Speaking of whom, she wanted me to ask you to let Tucker know that is one "mighty cute" picture of him. Yeah. Whatever.
Play bows,

Kapp pack said...

Those are some cool items! Congrats on naming the MaxFund coffee!

WOoo woo, KA