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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Innocent until photographed

Yesterday the Human Assistant saw me with my nose in the kitchen sink.  There were things in there that smelled like bacon!  But I couldn't reach them.  That's a deep sink!

Anyway. H.A. didn't have his camera ready. So he didn't get a picture. So it didn't count.

And I saw Sinjin with his paws and nose on the stove!  I thought he was supposed to have bad hips!  I don't think H.A. saw him.  So Sinjin's still a goody-goody.  As far as H.A. knows.  No pictures of it, anyhow.

But do you know what?  Sometimes H.A. makes up photos!  It's true!

One summer he worked at the Northern Wyoming Daily News. This was during Woodward and Bernstein's time as huge celebreties at The Washington Post. So you'd think H.A. would be all ethical and everything.

Well! One day he was walking around town with his camera. He saw a fire in a dumpster. He claims he took some pictures of it and one of them was on the front page the next day. Here's his "photo" of a gas can in the fire:
red rectangle
Gas can in fire.
beige rectangle
Jeep in sandstorm.
blue-fading-to-black rectangle
Steller's Jay at dusk.
mr_ed:  Not true!  They used a real photograph that I snapped and developed at the newspaper office!
Anyway. He put these fraud-ographs on the forum for MaxFund volunteers and claimed they were real pictures.
mr_ed:  I did have a beige Grand Wagoneer!  You can ask Gremlin!
Yeah, well, I think that's enough of this for today.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


The PF's are messy little devils - just wait until the end of their season - it will so look like one of your H.A.'s WILD parties!

SO, if a tree falls in the forest and he's not there to khapture it, did it happen?

PeeEssWoo: Isn't Flurry A beeWOOty???

Minky said...

I think one time Mr. Ed posted a photo that looked just like my brother Benny sitting in a dark room!