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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Signs of spring

Aries and Taurus are signs of spring. Thanks to everydoggy who helped me think about being a ram or a bull!

I'm not sure what to do about that. It doesn't help that Colorado State University has a ram as a mascot. And the University of Colorado has a buffalo. Or bison. Or whatever.

Suppose I pick ram. Will the Human Assistant think I'm disloyal? (He went to the other college.) Suppose I pick bull. Will H.A. be insulted? Think I'm dishonoring Ralphie? (Who is a creature of dignity and honor. Of course.) So I don't know.

Lilacs are another sign of spring. Our lilac blossoms are starting to open now. H.A. tried to take some pictures of them Tuesday. But the camera wouldn't focus on the flowers. He says, at least they smell good now.

Speaking of smells. Another sign of spring is the neighbors' first barbecue. Guess whether us doggies are more interested in lilacs or in barbecue‽‽‽

Tucker at fence
Hey!  Smell that?
Tucker and Lucy at fence
Lucy watching bar-b-q
Forget about the lilacs!
Sinjin watching bar-b-q
What lilacs?
Tucker watching bar-b-q
Hot dogs!
Gremlin smiling for camera
I'll pose with the flowers!




Minky said...

You are all so photogenic! I love seeing pictures of you, especially Miss Gremlin. Speaking of whom...Tucker, will you ever let Gremlin do a little blogging herself?

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I used to sit on top of our BBQ before we left Texas. Well not sit, stand. I could see over the fence that way!

Mom really thinks you're right on the Stellar's Jay. She's going to try to take a picture of one and post it to the blog so you can offer your expert opinion. The ones around our house don't have white chests, so she didn't think it was a blue jay, as our Missouri grandpa had suggested.