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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More uncooperation

First of all, uncooperation from the Human Assistant! It's been almost a whole week since he helped me write anything here!

Okay, he was working on a boatload of photos. Not photos that I'd pick. (And it is my blog!) But since he took 'em, we might as well use 'em.

Here's a Beagle that lives two yards away. Two back yards. Things wouldn't be very pleasant if he only lived two yardsticks away!

Beagle barking at west fence
Bark!  Bark!  Bark!
Beagle watching at north fence
What's goin' on?
Beagle on two paws at north fence

The Beagle was rolling around in the grass. And it wasn't the happy-​to-​be-​alive rolling that Lucy and Zot do. It was roll-​in-​stinkies rolling.

I know because it stood up and peed on that spot and then rolled some more! Now, the H.A. is an artiste in the fine art of photography. So he said,
mr_ed:  Hoooee!  I gotta get me a pitcher of that there doggie!
So he did. Whoop. Dee. Doodoo. But the Beagle wouldn't cooperate and roll around any more.

Then there was the uncooperation of our lilacs. All bent over. Probably from one of our rainstorms.

lilacs in back yard lilacs, showing bent stems

They're doing better now. But I'll bite the H.A. if he takes another picture before we get this posted. So no views of standing-up lilacs for now.

At least, not our standing-up lilacs.

I mentioned that I went to see Diane Doggroomer, right? On that trip H.A. took 75 pictures of lilacs and only 4 of me!!!

H.A. says if I knew military talk I could say it was definitely Whiskey Tango Foxtrot time. But I don't, so I guess I won't.

Lilacs from across a yard
Lovely front yard ...
same lilacs, closer
... and a closer look!

This is where our trip home started. It should've taken 15 minutes to get from here to MaxFund. Where we got some stuff. But it took much longer. Like a certain three-hour cruise.

These pictures embarrass me! The lilacs all look really crummy up close. H.A. says that's another uncooperation. His old digital camera.

Here's a house with two lilac bushes:

one of this home's bushes
One in the side yard ...
and the other
... and one in the front yard!

H.A. wants to buy a camera that costs more than two years' worth of kibble‽‽‽

Here's another house with bushes in two places plus one peeking over from their neighbors:

two bushes in the back corner
At the back of the back yard ...
one bush plus the neighbors' in the front corner
... and the front of the back yard!

Sometimes humans put bushes where there's not enough room for them. Not when the bushes are grown up, anyway.

bush between fence and garage
Crowded against a side fence.
new bush kinda lonely against a fence
Room to grow.

But lilac bushes can look scraggly until then. And they're probably hard to groom.

Except for sitting still. Heh.

Here's a house with seven lilac bushes! If I counted them right. I'll bet they'll look great when they're all grown up. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures. But each one looks like it's a different color. To me.

first two from left to right
Bushes # 1 & 2 ...
another one... # 3 ...
last three before the gate... #s 4, 5, 6 ... nice bush by itself... and bush # 7!

Lilacs tucked away:

nice bush in side yard
Hidden away?
poking out from behind garage

And lilacs you can't miss! Huge ones:

big bush just overflowing its space
Big bush!
very tall bush with room to grow
Bigger bush!

And lilacs in the front yard:

showy bush in front of porch
Lilacs right out front.
tall, pretty bush next to busy street
On show for everybody!

I told H.A. he needs to pick his photo subjects better. (More pictures of me would be good!) So he doesn't have to worry about a new camera.

But maybe he'll decide to stop buying me food. In which case I could use some help. And the rest of us, of course.

I'll let you know!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

You are looking extra furry handsome -

BUT too bad I khouldn't see you fur all the lilakhs in the pikhtures -

Khyra The Hussy

PeeEssWoo: the brown beans khame almost as khwikhkly as the speed of SibeLight - she hasn't used them yet since there was a still a large bag of bronw beans she's not khonsumed yet!

Minky said...

All of my brothers enjoy peeing on lilac bushes! In our neighborhood, they're all faded and almost gone.