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Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy birthday, Seabiscuit!

(referring to Friday, May 23)
jockey Red Pollard on racehorse Seabiscuit
Royal Canadian Mounted Police and sled dogs
You got the Molson, eh?
People thought neither of them would race again. But a crippled jockey and a 7-year-old stallion that had had a ruptured ligament won the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap.

Their time would have won the same race last year! With a million-dollar purse! Old? Injured? Don't count us out!

Oh yeah. Also happy birthday to the North West Mounted Police!
On King!   On you Huskies!
I may be the last dog on the internet to play the Japanese name game. But I was tagged by Thor. And by an entire Army of Four.

OOF!  That's a lot of tagging!

If you don't know the game, tag yourself and then visit their blogs!  
Real Name Game Name Tease Name
Gremlin ji-shi-ku-rin-ta-ki-to Taquito Bandito
Lucy ta-do-mi-fu Lucy-fucy
Sinjin ari-ki-to-zu-ki-to Ricky Toe
me chi-do-mi-me-ku-shi Cushy,  Yak-a-Story
-- photos from Wikipedia

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Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I have to get my human to do my Japanese post - Ekhho tagged me: Me-ri-fu-shi-ka!

Happy Weekend!

The Army of Four said...

Be careful if you decide to check out Khyra's post! My mom's had that song trapped in her head for hours now!
Play bows,

Minky said...

Greetings from Rinkitomefu, Chidomimekushi! You can call me Rinki for short!