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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lilac alley

Tucker looks at camera
"Orange puppies"?
Tucker looks away from camera
Doesn't ring a bell.

In case anydoggy thought we were through with all those lilac pictures. From after my grooming. We weren't.

Here's an alley. Gremlin used to explore along an alley when she got out. But that was before I was born, even! She thought alleys were more interesting than streets. I guess the Human Assistant thinks so too.

He could have taken me along when he got out of the car! It would've been a nice little walk. But nooo! He thought he needed both hands to take nice pictures.

He shoulda taken me. The pictures wouldn't have been any worse using just one hand. And with a little pulling on the leash. Occasionally.

Anyway. Here's one block of an alley. There's one bush that has two pictures. But other than that you can see that 7 houses had lilacs in their back yards. That you could see from the alley.

Who knows how many more houses had bushes that were hidden in the front yard? Or side yard? I guess Denver people love lilacs!

one block's worth of an alley tall bush next to fence and garage tall thin bush with pretty purple
white lilacs the same white lilac bush wait, that fence looks familiar....
blooms hanging over fence like fruit not next to back fence but tall enough to see from alley tall bush, jumbled architecture

Oops! The H.A. just realized that there are two bushes that each got two pictures! So make it 6 houses in one block. That you can see from the alley. And so on.

Now, in case anydoggy thinks we're through with all those lilac pictures. From after my grooming. We are.

Now we can move on to something more interesting! Like what I'm doing! When I'm not trapped in the car!

I'm not sure what that will be, exactly. I'll have to take a nap on it.



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Okay -

I'm game -



Kapp pack said...

Those are my mom's favorite flowers! THanks for sharing!

Woo woo, KA