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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fraudographs and books

I like books okay. But I can never finish them. I chew off a corner or two and then tear them into big pieces. Then take out a page here and a page there.

But the Human Assistant really likes books!  He can spend hours with them!  But they never look like they've even been in his mouth.

(Actually, I've never seen H.A. with a book in his mouth. So I wonder what he gets out of them.)

His favorite books are mystery novels set in Colorado.  (Why?  Left field!)  He likes them so much that he says he wants to write a book!

But it wouldn't be a novel. It would be a tourist guide. Every page or two he'd list a place, like Aspen, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver ... and like that. Then he'd tell what mysteries were set in those places.

So why all this yakking about him?  Well, he also wants to put in a picture of each place.  The trouble is, some books are set in phony places.  So.  What to do?

Remember last time I mentioned that H.A. sometimes does a bit of phony-tography? Why not phony photos for phony places?

Here's a mountain trail in the "dead" of night and a ski resort in a blizzard:
black rectangle
Danger on Vampire Trail
white rectangle
The Last Resort
I think the first one is what Minky mentioned in a comment. She remembers a faux-to of Benny. And here it is!  Only this time it's a fraudo-graph of a fraudo-place (that's in a real book). Kinda slick of the old H.A., huh?

(Actually, he stole the idea from post cards you can get in the Colorado Springs area. "Pikes Peak at Night" and "Pikes Peak in a Snowstorm." But it's not like the publisher could claim H.A. swiped a protected image or anything.)

Did you notice who the detectives were in those two books? Other famous ones have come to Colorado too, like Jessica Fletcher and Mike Shayne. And one time, even Oscar Wilde!  Who was a character. But not as fictional of a character as the others.

Anyway. That's enough and then some about bogophotos and the like.


mr_ed:  For those who like (extra-)light romantic mysteries ... in The Last Resort, Frank Hardy kisses Nancy Drew!
Tucker:  ::SLURP!::


Minky said...

Yes! That's Benny in a dark room! And I think the second one is my brother Moey in a snowstorm! Mr. Ed is a great faux-tographer!

My brother Tippy had an appetite for books as a puppy. He particularly enjoyed nibbling the spines of the big books that were lying on the coffee table. Mom donated them to the Misha May Foundation's garage sale. That seemed kind of fitting, since Misha May helps dogs with issues, kinda like Tippy.

Anonymous said...

Our husky only ate one book. "No Bad Dogs."

Huskies have good taste in books, I guess...


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Is that 'Last Resort' the Hotel Tukhkerwoorado?

PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur the khomments!

Anonymous said...

hi all

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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