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Saturday, May 10, 2008

MaxFund swag, 1

Hey all! This is Gremlin!

By pup-ular demand (thanks, Minky!) the Boss (whose name isn't Bruce) is helping me do a posting! I'm new at this, so I'm gonna start with an easy one. This post is adapted from one Boss did for the MaxFund volunteers forum.

He posted a note before this one saying that MaxFund's new water bottle (and you can have one too!) is made of polycarbonate, and Consumer Reports magazine has a safety warning about polycarbonate in the May issue. (See that article online and another one, too.)

So then Boss felt like he should be supportive of MaxFund. So he rounded up his new MaxFund bottle, his older MaxFund bottles, and two he got from the grocery store. And me and Sinjin and Tucker. I don't know how he got them to talk in that silly sorta-Slavic accent!

But here ya go:
Tucker has a new MaxFund bottle
Sinjin has two older MaxFund bottles
Gremlin has grocery-store bottles
Store open 24/7!
Tucker - Is from Russia, Siberian Huskies.
Sinjin - Is home of Molotov cocktail.
Tucker - Yes. Molotov.
Sinjin - Do not buy glass bottles!
Tucker - Anarchist Trotskyite terrorists will steal!
Sinjin - Make Molotov cocktails!
Tucker - Blow things up!
Sinjin - Bad.
Tucker - Yes. Bad.
Sinjin - Very bad.
Tucker - Buy only plastic bottles.
Sinjin - From MaxFund!
Tucker - Yes! MaxFund!
Gremlin - Does King Soopers do refunds?
Tucker smiles for the camera
Nearly bomb-proof!
Sinjin looks at the camera
Lids might Popov.
Gremlin looks a little depressed
Lids do pop off.

-- Gremskiy-Korsakov


The Army of Four said...

Whew! We've been trying to catch up! Between the storms with a small "s" (and having to shut the computer off because of them!) and Blogger being goofy, we've had a lot of reading to do!
Ammy keeps giggling over the "lids might Popov" comment. Ha roo roo roo, good one!
Tail wags,

Anonymous said...

Hello Gremlin!

Nice to hear from another dog in your household...


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Me wonders what was in those bottles?

I think I rekhognize the akhcent from AGJitzlan -