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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Will blog for dopamine

One thing about the Human Assistant. He may not know much. But he's willing to waste lots of time figuring things out. (Sometimes.)

Minky wrote another comment saying she thought the faux-to of "The Last Resort in a Blizzard" was also a picture of Moey in a snowstorm.

H.A. couldn't just laugh and agree. Heavens no! He didn't think a little white dog would completely disappear in the snow. Well, okay. We did have a little white foster dog for a while. In the winter.

It was after that huge-ola snowstorm two winters ago. H.A. took lots of pictures of Poo-Poo. Or tried to. So he sorta knows about what little white dogs look like in snow.

So here's the H.A.'s impression of Moey the Cheshire Dog. The first one may not look like he already added in some "snow." But you can check it against the original.
photo masked with 25% white
Starting to snow!
photo masked with 50% white
photo masked with 75% white
... going ...
only eyes and nose showing
... Snowy Moey!
Maybe the H.A. spends so much time on these things because they trigger a drug in his brain. Or because it's good for him. Or some such thing.

He saw an article that said blogging may be good for you. Which was a kind of summary of another article that tried to be all scientific about it. And even used the word "dopamine."

The Scientific American article really only says that cancer patients feel better when they do some writing before a treatment. Then it herds in some guesses about another kind of writing (blogging). And other health problems. And how it works.

This reminds me of watching a human pretend to throw a ball. For one of those other breeds of dogs. The human only throws it once when you get right down to it. But they fill up the time with other stuff. So to the human and that other breed of dog it seems like more than it is.

Just put it out there, humans! Then we can decide whether to run with it.    As they say.

-- original photo of Moey on dogster and all derivatives posted here remain the property of the original rights holders ... probably Moey's humans.


mr_ed:  Science can be strange. The Wikipedia article says dopamine was synthesized in 1910, but apparently it remained undiscovered until 1952. Dogs make more sense than that!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I know why MY mom is weird -

Have you figured how why your H.A. is - ummmm - difFURent?

PeeEssWoo: The birds are sooooo a changin'!

Minky said...

Heh, heh! I forgot Mr. Ed is an expert on poodle-snowstorm photos! I suppose if Moey'd had his eyes closed, the photo would look like this ---------->