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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Deconstructing snowballs

There hasn't been much to write about. Not much has been going on.

Lucy meets somebody interested in adopting her tomorrow/​today/​Thursday. The Human Assistant acts like he doesn't want her adopted. Maybe it's just not to this person.

I wouldn't mind her leaving. But I'd rather get rid of Sinjin. He's getting rude! So a couple of times I've had to pin him down and bite his muzzle. H.A. thinks the owies don't look good on his "handsome face."

So Sinjin should shut up! He gets pushy when H.A. fixes our medi-treats. Squeezes in close and barks. I growl at him to stop it. So what does he do?

Sinjin is now snarling at me! Ooh, it's a good scary snarl, too! Good lip curl. Someday H.A. will have to get a picture of that! Before I chew his nose off. (Sinjin's.)

It's been getting pretty warm some days. And the house doesn't cool off very well at night. Like the outdoors does. So one evening I teased Sinjin. But it was too warm to put much effort into it.

Sinjin and Tucker in fading light snowball bush in fading light

Tucker:  Hot?
Sinjin:  Thirsty!
Tucker:  Eat a snowball.
Sinjin:  A what?
Tucker:  Snowball!
Sinjin:  Snow?
Tucker:  Now?  No.
Sinjin:  O.
Wednesday evening it rained. H.A. got kinda chilly. So he closed the windows and the door out to the garage. Which he usually leaves open so we can go outside when we want.

After a while there was some muffled barking. Gremlin doesn't like noise very much. H.A. says she never really has.

So she went to the room where H.A. was reading and told him somedoggy was barking. Like he couldn't hear it. And decide on his own whether he wanted to leave Mr. Barks-​a-​lot outside.

Heh heh heh. I guess H.A. didn't count noses when he closed the door!

Another good thing that happened was that H.A. cooked 15 pounds of hamburger for MaxFund. Sinjin and I made extra-​double sure to bother him while he cooked. But of course Lucy and Gremlin did their share too.

H.A. hasn't felt up to taking the hamburger to the shelter. So we've already eaten two pounds of it! The girls haven't had much appetite for our kibble lately. So we've all been getting some burger mixed in with it. Thanks, ladies!

Well, that's all for tonight.


mr_ed:  Happy birthday to the Apple II computer and to Elvis Presley's first public performance of Hound Dog!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Another one that will make Miss Ammy of Kansas sew proud of woo!

Oh yes, must see snarly nose Sinjin - but woo really need to be nicer to him -

Someday, you'll be his age and have to hope the young punk doesn't want to whoop your fluffy butt!

PeeEssWoo: Mom is drinking ground up brown beans - some MAX FUND ROASTIE THING - she says it is a nice way to start her day!

Holly said...

Don't worry Tucker, I get like that sometimes too if some other dog gets in my way. After all, I AM the Princess, so they are required to bow and submit to me!

Good luck to Lucy! I hope she finds her furever home!


Kapp pack said...

Sounds like business as usual at your house!

Woo woo, KA