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Friday, June 20, 2008

Blue Wubba blue Wubba boo Blubba

I wanted to write "Woo Bubba"!  But the Human Assistant wouldn't say it that way.

One time he let us play with these really neat toys. I can't link you to the exact page. But go to products then NEW PRODUCTS. Check out the dog in the picture! Then go to KONG Wubba.

I loved chewing the red one! But H.A. said they weren't chew toys. He took them away!   

Then a few days ago he got them out again to take pictures. Just to show that I'm destructive. How rude!

Dogs look at Wubba toys
Gremlin's interested.
Lucy takes the blue Wubba
But Lucy takes it.

The other doggies gathered 'round. But H.A. shooed me away. Then very carefully and politely Lucy took the blue one. She had played with that one before.

So H.A. figured, what the hay. He didn't have pictures from the other time.

Lucy runs after thrown Wubba
Hey!  Come back here, Wubba!
Lucy brings Wubba back

He threw the blue one for Lucy a couple of times. And he let her chew on it a little. And he threw the red one for me. You know, neither one of us wanted to go chase the danged things!

Lucy turns away with Wubba
Nuh-uh.  Mine!
Lucy grabs Wubba thrown again
Hey!  Quit throwin' it!
Lucy chews Wubba under bushes
Must. Hide. In. Den.
Lucy brings Wubba out of bushes
You called?

That was a few days ago. Today he put the blue Wubba in a sack. And some other toys that only Lucy plays with. And some food and treats. And Lucy's medical records.

I was a good boy! I didn't take the papers out and chew them! Or the food! Or even the treats! I just took the Wubba out. Then the H.A. distracted me with food. And took the Wubba again.

Then he took the sack and Lucy and got in the car. I know he went to the shelter cuz he came back smelling like Vasha and Caesar.

But H.A. came in the house with ... no Lucy!  He got rid of Lucy!


Lucy lying in back seat
Goin' to my new home!
Lucy peeking around front seat

Oh.  Lucy got adopted!  Finally!

Maybe you remember that H.A. first met her seven months ago!  Then I met Lucy in the yard at the shelter.  Then she came for a weekend visit!

Since then she's been in posts on my blog about 50 times! You can see them all if you click on the label Lucy underneath this post. Or just her photos if you click on photo: Lucy.

If you feel like it.

More on Wubbas later!

(Why did H.A. give her that blue one? She's just gonna chew it up!)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lucy on your new home!

But Tucker will miss you...


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I have a RED Wubba my BFF Sitka sent me - she didn't play with it -

It is MY favourite toy -

In fakht, Summi's mummi and PHBbbbbbbbb's Khween Mom have heard me playin' with it - I like to skhweak it whilst Mom is on the phone with them!

Khongrats to Lucy on finding her furever home - that means the H.A. khan bring home another one!!!