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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meeting girls

Wednesday morning we got a little snow!

Not enough for much excitement. But the Human Assistant made sure to get a picture of Gremlin with snow on her nose. Because Amber made a joke about having a snow nose that he thought was funny.

dog Tucker in the snow dog Gremlin in the snow
I'm going places! Gremlin with a snow nose

H.A. did take treats to the MaxFund shelter on Wednesday. And guess who got to go for a ride!

We went into the nice yard that's supposed to be mostly for supervised exercise. For dogs at the clinic that have surgery and stuff.

It's also used a lot for "meet and greets." Somebody applies to adopt a dog. They already have a dog or two. They bring their dogs. MaxFund brings out the shelter dog. See if it works out.

I remember meeting Ringo there. We weren't going to adopt him. We just wanted to make sure he wouldn't annoy me too much if the shelter had a sudden need for him to get fostered.

This time they brought out Sequoia, who I mentioned before. She's not up on the Maxfund adoption page yet.

Tucker & Sequoia sniff a tree Sequoia races around Tucker
Me 'n' Sequoia
checkin' the doggie news
"No, I don't have
the zoomies just now."

We can't really adopt Sequoia, either. Or foster her. Our fence is too low. Also, it could be dug under really easily. Sequoia's a youngster with lots of energy. She'd want to get out of our yard and burn her Wheaties by running half-way to who knows where.

So the H.A. had them bring out Lucy. I've mentioned her before. A couple of times.

Sequoia in Tucker's face Tucker and Lucy sniff around
"That's not a threat,
that's a promise!"
"Fascinating.  I have
something over here, too."
Tucker & Lucy sniffing the grass Canada geese over MaxFund
"Why yes, Lucy,
I believe you're correct!"
♫♪♬  My heart knows
what the wild goose knows....

I whined when they took Lucy back inside. I don't know why, exactly. It's not like we played together or anything.

I mean, sure, we sniffed each other's behinds and all. But otherwise we just kinda poked around the yard going our own ways.

I also met Zena. She's a senior Yellow Lab, I think. She was okay too. But she did put her nose someplace I don't like sniffed very well. She doesn't have a MaxFund page yet, either.

And H.A. sorta forgot to take pictures of her. Sheesh! And he forgot to take fresh batteries along. Even though he knew the old ones were running down.

He probably thought he was still taking pictures when the batteries gave out and the camera shut down!

So he only got 10 pictures there. Including one of some dumb noisy birds flying over.

Anyway. I wonder whether H.A. is definitely planning on bringing another dog home. Maybe he's negotiating. Like, "Drop the blog or you'll have a couple more dogs in your way!"

Maybe we can compromise. He really does spend too much time helping with my blog. He takes lots of time sizing pictures and making them look better. Then he has to get them on Blogger. Then put them in the blog, which should be easy but isn't. Because of the Blogger editor, he says.

Sometimes he looks on the internet for things for me to comment on. While he's typing what I say, he looks things up and adds links to them. When he finally posts the pages, they don't look right to him. So he dinks around with the page format.

Thank dog I can't snooze while he's doing lots of that stuff!

So he hasn't decided what to do yet. He doesn't want me to lose contact with my friends. But he doesn't want to make the blog a full-time job, he says.

I'll keep leaning on him. We'll see what happens. Here's an example of how he wastes his time. He decided I need a hexagram from the I Ching to think about. Or he needed one. So here it is.


[Clouds are forming in the sky, but there is no rain yet. Patience.  mr_ed]


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Lady "shu-shu" said...

Hi Tucker:
This is your old pal "shu-shu". The new family calls me "Lady"...I can live with that. Let's face it...that name is the tops in the 5 and 6 year old crowd especially for Cocker Spaniels. Things here are good...really good. Emma, the other dog in the family and I are good buddies. We go for rides in the car, walks in Wash. Park, and guard the house when the family is away. I tuck in the kids every night...and listen diligently to all bedtime stories.
The kids discovered that I know how to shake hands,and even give a high five.
The new Human Assistants took us doggies to Waggin' Wash for treats...what a great spot. I will send pictures soon.
Your buddy,

PS tell the HA I said HI