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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lucky dog

I'm a lucky dog!

Especially since the Human Assistant is mad and didn't want to help me tonight.

Doubly especially since he's mad at himself and not me!  ::big Husky grin::

But I'm getting the sled in front of the team.

H.A. was thinking about going to MaxFund on Tuesday. That's because we went to a store called Wag N' Wash on Monday. So Gremlin and I went for a rare ride. And ... I got to go in!

So actually, I was lucky on Monday too!

Anyway, they gave us bags and bags and bags of dog food to take to MaxFund. They said it was expired. Dead? I don't know. But H.A. was happy to take it.

So he was thinking about going to the shelter on Tuesday. Then they called him.

Uh oh!

newborn puppies They called about one thing that wasn't important. Fund raising, I think.

Then they talked about something else. Ten baby puppies were coming in!

Not as young as the newborns in the picture. But only 17 days old!

They asked if he would foster some of them, and he said yes!

Oh wooooo!

Now, 17-day-old puppies would not be getting in my way - yet. But they would take attention away from me!

Plus, getting up every 25 minutes or whatever to feed them would make H.A. very sleepy. He forgets things when he's sleepy. I don't want him to forget to feed me!

I mean us. Gremlin and me. If he fed her and not me, of course I would eat her food. So that would be no problem. But if he forgot to feed both of us ... big problem!

Now, the H.A. did not sleep well Monday night. So he was forgetful Tuesday morning. He got to the shelter and didn't have his camera. This was a good thing! A lucky thing!

No camera meant not spending time taking each puppy's picture. And fixing each puppy's picture. And putting each puppy's picture here on the blog.

Not spending time on puppy pictures means not thinking about them. Which means not getting all mushy about how cute they are. And how helpless. And how much they need their Human Assistant.  Ptooie!

Of course it also means having more time to spend on me! So that was lucky thing number one for me.

Lucky thing number two was that their human mom only brought in six puppies instead of ten. At two puppies per foster home, that meant that MaxFund only needed three fosters. And four volunteered. So H.A. backed out. No baby puppies here!

Later in the day he realized that he did have his camera at MaxFund! It was in the car. He was too sleepy to remember - see what I mean?

So that's why he's mad at himself. Coulda had pictures. He says they really were cute puppies. Maybe one of the foster homes will take some.

dog Medusa at MaxFund While he was at the shelter, mr_ed also walked Medusa.

You may remember that I mentioned her last week.

Once again, H.A. stopped at the car to get his walking stick and glasses, and in jumped a dog!

I guess I'm lucky he didn't jump in too and bring her home.

One other lucky thing.

He took a long time getting home. That doesn't sound lucky, but....

He found out that the big dogs at MaxFund like a particular treat that I like too! So he bought three big boxes of it. He brought one of them into the house. The other two will go to the shelter.

Maybe today, he says. I sure hope I'm lucky and MaxFund doesn't call and ask him to foster somedoggy else!


p.s. -- no word on dropping the blog yet.

-- photo of Medusa by Nicole Howard
-- photo of newborn puppies from Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Tell the human assistant that he's fired if you stop blogging. While my humans won't let me write my own blog, I visit your blog as often as I can (da mommy is in law school and is unreliable at times). Your blog is one of the few that has her snickering during finals (she doesn't appreciate it for some reason. something about distractions from studying. stupid woman).
Maggie Moo and human mommy

Minky, Benny, Moey, and Tippy said...

Mom sends her sympathies to Maggie Moo & mommy, as she had an unreliable law school period, too (although that was long before we arrived). Good luck on finals!

We hope the quality of your loyal readership counts for more than quantity, Tucker! Also, please keep in mind that we should count for at least 5 readers!