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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random internet stuff

space warrior pretends Dachshund is rifle The Human Assistant spent too much time floating around the internet today. So he doesn't want to type my follow-up on Lucy tonight.

It will keep him up too late. Awww. Now that it's after midnight, it is officially his birthday. Friends will take him out for lunch.

But he has to be out of bed and awake for that. So he wants to go to bed "early" (for him).

So here's random stuff that he bookmarked today.

Menu Foods and PetSmart lost money in the third quarter this year. Does that mean that the third time they traded quarters this year they only got two dimes?

I don't know. But PetSmart blames it on stuff other than recalls. Heh.

The H.A. doesn't usually shop there. But so far it's the only place he's found citronella spray for breaking up dog fights. So he's done his part in supporting them, for sure!

baby seal at animal shelter
They say Siberian Huskies get lost! Here's a baby seal that wandered away from his seal-family beach party.

And ran smack into an animal shelter!

He looks unhappy. I bet he has road rash from dragging himself down the streets! He will be fixed up and taken back to the ocean. Whatever that is.

so-called pit bull
Forty-six "pit bulls" disappeared from the Memphis Animal Shelter. They say the dogs were stolen. I think they are covering up an escape!

"There were no obvious signs of a break in from the outside."

It would take one, maybe two Siberian Huskies to bust out of a place like this! Imagine if 21 adult dogs of any breed were trying to get away from 25 puppies? "Stolen," my furry white behind!

puppy asleep in food bowl
Speaking of Siberian Huskies.

Here is an itty bitty puppy guarding the food bowl. The way only puppies can. This is a puppy I could like! Too bad it isn't the red and white. Well, learn by example!

Michael Vick's former house in Virginia
Michael Vick's dog-fighting property is for sale. Again.

A developer bought it recently. He plans to tidy it up and re-sell it in a month. No doubt he is an honest and hard-working man. Earns every dollar he gets. But he's planning on profit from the property's negative fame. Wasn't that already included in the price he paid?

How much do you suppose he can mark that up?

The house has 5 bedrooms and 4 and one-half bathrooms. (Huh? Half a tub, half a sink...?) On 15 acres. If you're interested. And didn't catch the info the first 100 times it was on the news.

If you look on Google Earth you'll see the sheriff's office is nearby. That should be reassuring.

A few states have "puppy lemon laws." A few more states are thinking about them.

To me it sounds like people can get refunds if their new puppy gets into the refrigerator and eats all their lemons.

But the Human Assistant says no. The laws protect people if a new puppy is sick or gets sick right away.

My picture is here because I was sick when I came from the breed rescue. H.A. spent $600 on me the first month. Besides for food. And toys.

My vet and the H.A. think I got a pair o' sites at the rescue. Probably due to conditions there.

Then it turned into my new monia. And now symptoms come back sometimes. My vet says I may need medicine for it forever. (And the medicine controls the symptoms pretty well.)

H.A. says laws like this could be real problems for shelters and rescues if they didn't cause the animal's illness. If the law applies to them.

More information is needed. But it's something to watch for in your state!

That's all for now. H.A. must get his beauty sleep! ::Big Husky Grin::

-- photo of doxy rifle from i can has cheezburger
-- photos of baby seal, "pit bull," puppies, and Vick's house either from or via itchmo.com.
-- news stories from and via itchmo.com.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Be sure to khlaw him in time to wish him a Happy Birfday -

Some frosty paws on his parts might do the trick!

Woos and Wags,


Benny, Moey, Minky, Tippy, and their humans said...

We all wish you a very happy birthday, Mr. Ed!!

Holly said...

Maybe some nasty dog fighting people stole all those pit bulls? Wow, that was a LOT of them!

Omaha doesn't adopt out pit bulls from out Humane Society because of the dog fighting problems.

Did Payton get adopted????? I'm sooo happy for him!